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Steven was constantly surrounded by amazing women. Whether they were built like luchadors, ballet dancers, or heavyweight boxers, Steven always thought they were amazing. Even the ones that tried to kidnap him and destroy his planet. Jasper was nothing if not muscular, and that had a frame of beauty all its own. Steven was the kind of person who loved everyone that he came in contact with, but there was a very short list of women that he felt something special for. Something important. Garnet had taken on the role of his mother, which was useful since the essence of his mother was sealed inside his belly button.

Pearl taught him, tried to tell him when he was doing things wrong, and even cooked the majority of what he ate; though she couldn't eat any of it herself. Amethyst was a girl who helped to show him how to have fun, a reminder that life didn't need to be all about training and missions. Pearl sometimes enjoyed Steven universe sex stories little Steven sleep. About three or four times a week, seeing the gentle rise and fall of his chest. She remembered, several years ago, when chubby little Steven's powers first started to shine. He was still chubby, though not little anymore.

He wasn't sleeping on a windowsill, but on the floor, all eight feet of him. It was comforting for Pearl, seeing Steven grow up more and more like his mother, Rose. She sat, hypnotized for hours, at that rise and fall. Then she saw something new. She saw a little wet spot staining the sheets, spreading from Steven's groin. She was certain that Steven hadn't wet the bed since he was around his post-infancy stage.

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Very anxious, she reached out and touched it with a single finger, a thread of sticky substance coming away with her hand, and Steven making a strange groaning noise before rolling over. Pearl was certain of two things at that point. First, she would have to call Greg; and second, she'd have to ask him what was going on. Not because she wanted to hear a human opinion; after all, Pearl was one of the smartest Gems in the galaxy During most of his life up to now, those three would be the most important part of it, but the most important lady that Steven would deal with today wasn't the Gems, it was a human being with no combat training past her ability to murder fish.

Sadie's desires were incredible. She burned with some kind of hot, fiery passion, but did a very good job of hiding it. Her co-worker, Lars, refused every advance, every flirtation. Sadie practically threw herself at him, and still received nothing in return.

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Her relationship with Steven was a lot less strained, and that's why she'd gone to Steven. There was no begging, no complications After all, Steven had grown over the last several years, while she'd stayed about the same. People had a tendency to stay here in Beach City well past their adulthood, emphasized by all the family businesses, and Sadie was no exception.

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Sounds fun. He may have been speaking simply, but he was completely sincere. Contrary to what a lot of people thought about him, he wasn't completely clueless. He'd learned about the basics of sex from his friend Connie, a nice Indian girl off at college. Steven told the gems what Sadie had said. No lies, no omissions. He'd learned a long time ago that keeping things from his family never worked out. He wouldn't tell his Dad any of this, of course, but different rules applied with blood relatives. Despite Garnet's prior protestations about messing with Steven's 'funky flow', she seemed perfectly okay ing in with Pearl this time.

They dressed Steven in one of Greg's old tuxedo t-shirts, manifested a purple flower from Amethyst's gem, and waved as he walked away toward the Big Doughnut. Steven showed up at the Big Doughnut, with all of its lights turned off. He walked around the back, seeing Sadie in her standard-issue over-sized Doughnut shirt, sitting in the back of a pick-up truck. During the summer, lots of teenagers used places like this fenced-off parking lot for their escapades.

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It looked like Sadie had been taking notes. She had a camper shell on her truck, sleeping bags unfolded do cover every bit of the truck-bed, more pillows than Steven cared to count, even a string of Christmas lights hung inside her camper shell, with an extension cord running to the Doughnut's back wall. You know-- on a date. I didn't mean to give that impression. I just wanted us to have some fun, not do the whole 'dating' thing. That's why I chose you. Steven pulled off the purple flower that was pinned to his painted-on lapel, crushed it in his palm until it vanished in a cloud of purple smoke, and the whole outfit poofed into his usual red shirt and blue jeans.

He turned around, flopping down in the pile of sleeping bags that laid all over this truck bed. And it's even better when we get to share fun with our friends. Sadie shoved him away, putting on a stern look. Starting with where you're supposed to grab.

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You get free reign to do what you want. He teared up slightly, like he always did when he got nervous; then he looked down at Sadie just in time for her much-more-open mouth to lock with his, her lips sucking on his tongue. There were noises coming from both of them, they fell sideways, still holding their mouths together, and Sadie rolled over on top of Steven. I can't make that promise. I can't promise that I won't get mad, Steven universe sex stories that I won't fall for you on accident, but I can promise that we'll be able to try other stuff, and hopefully stay friends.

There's a surprise. After all, while Steven was bigger than her, she hadn't been expecting someone with a cock that went halfway down to his knee. Steven was pretty sure he saw, or felt, the problem. I live in a house without a lot of personal space. I'll take some extra coaxing. At full mast, you're gonna tear me in half.

I mean, if it'll hurt you, isn't that bad? He knew the Gems all had their skewed views on pain, but didn't humans try to avoid getting hurt? And if they can't, a little soreness is hardly the worst consequence of sex. After all, she may have been nervous, but Steven was just as new to this as she was. Seeing that he might be shy, a revelation which definitely shocked her about this boy who was raised with no shame for his body, she hiked up her over-sized Big Doughnut shirt to reveal that she wasn't wearing anything under it.

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She may have only revealed her bare fleshy hip, and her crossed thighs kept certain other things hidden, but she'd given Steven more than enough drive to do his thing. His clothes vanished with a burst of bubblegum pink shine from his belly button gem, and his lightly tanned skin was unveiled. Once he was laid bare, Sadie ran her fingers through his hair up top, her other hand wandering down over his chubby belly.

Unsure of what exactly to do between Steven universe sex stories stuff up top and the stuff down below, she settled on tickling him around his middle, especially around his gem, and he giggled, returning the same kind of prodding that the short blond girl had offered. They tried groping and fondling, their hands moving deftly across the chub of one another's flesh. Sadie could barely believe the kind of enthusiasm she'd managed to find in this boy. When she felt between her thighs the mammoth shaft, there was a sharp gasp.

Is that really you? That thing is huge! That's definitely me. Eyes rolled back in both their he as Sadie relished the feeling of fullness radiating out from her deepest parts. She started feeling uncomfortable, almost like she was being torn, but Steven's lips landing on hers made that pain invert completely. He abandoned focusing on the mouth, licking her neck and forehead while she spoke. She wanted to take her words back as soon as she saw his tears at them. It might hurt, but your kisses make it all better. Steven nuzzled there, veritably nursing on her while he gave each of those thrusts; he went deeper with each stroke, initially just a few teasing but thick inches, and ending in a place where she could feel an almost certain misshaping of her stomach.

When he approached orgasm, it was with thrusting so deep inside her

Steven universe sex stories

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