Stories of promiscuity

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I'm turning 24 next month. My stepfather and his best friend got me drunk last night and ended up having sex with me. Since they made a video of the entire thing, I saw that it wasn't rape. I actually instigated it by stripping down to my panties and teasing them both.

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I know I'm looking like the world's largest asshole and a bitch. But something inside me is telling me that it was wrong. I told my mom and even showed her the video. She laughed it off saying boys will be boys.

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She also kept telling me that maybe deep down inside me, there was some kind of a fantasy. She wasn't concerned about it, especially since he's not really my father. She added that I could do much worse. I don't know what to feel. Especially since, I've caught myself watching last night's video constantly.

Is something wrong with me? You didn't do anything wrong. Life is full of experiences, some can feel questionable after, but if nobody else has an issue, the you shouldn't. As far as watching the video over and over, you are probably just subconsciously turned on by it. Just go with it. No shame or guilt. Life is too short. Well I can't see that you did anything wrong, but I can't say the same about your family.

When you showed your mum the video the whole thing could have blown up in your face. In fact that would have been the more natural reaction. For your mum to think it is funny that her husband and his friend had sex with her drunk daughter and made a video of it is kind of weird. She was obviously Stories of promiscuity on it.

Nothing illegal and no one got hurt. Live it up girl. Hell, I'd love to have a step daughter like you lol.

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Sounds like a perfectly natural enjoyment of a moment. I think you should enjoy and have fun as it seems to fascinate you, do it again often I saw my wife cheating on me, and having sex with her co-worker, in the bed that we have slept in for nearly over fifteen years now.

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I've been having a constant nagging feeling in the back of my mind for a few months now. Especially, since she's started to work from home, thanks greatly to the Corona virus. I've had friends and family telling me that they've seen her and the guy frequenting out the way travel lodges People saw them and sent me recordings from their phones, where it shows them clearly going in and out of seedy travel motels. They've even have had a few weekend "business" trips last year. I've always tried to look past it all, and actually gave her a huge berth of a margin of error.

My nagging feeling actually started when after she started working from our house, she also insisted on her "co worker" Their office didn't care, and I plainly actually love my wife, to care about anything so trivial. If it made her happy, I'm on board with it. He started coming over and working from our house, around the end of April.

It was okay at first, but around the first week of June, especially during the days of the extreme heat waves, I started to notice a pattern. Even though we have overpowered central air conditioning system, I've always walking into the house, and finding my wife only walking around in skimpy underwear and what appeared to be a hastily thrown on a short thin silk white robe. A robe so short, that it never actually covered more than top quarter half of her amazing butt, and barely covered the areolas of Stories of promiscuity elegantly massive breasts.

Each and every time, she'd be totally out of breath, panting, running out of our bedroom and running down the stairs to meet me and our daughter. I've always picked up our daughter from school on my way back from work. So, she's been like a eye witness to this changing behavior. After about a few agonizingly long minutes of her constantly blocking our way, and actively trying to distract the two of us, her co worker would stroll out from out of our bedroom door.

Fully clothed, in a t-shirt and shorts. She'd look back and smile, then give us some half assed explanation about why he was in there. Our daughter and I would look at each other and roll our eyes at each other. It gets worse, when you learn that, my wife Stories of promiscuity make an effort anymore to come up with a decent suitable lie. No, it's actually the same half hearted one, telling me that he needed to use our bathroom. Which is weird by itself actually, especially since you are going to have to walk past two completely good rest rooms just to get to our bedroom door.

If I eventually do decide to go check out our bathroom, I distinctly get the smell of sex wafting from it. Our bed a mess, pillows and blankets shoved off and on the ground. My wife's clothes flung around all over the room. Sticky wet spots littered the sheets. I'd on occasion, find condom packs on the carpet. It was clear as day, that they were definately having sex. I loved her, so, I just avoided the subject, along with the thousand questions running through my head. They would almost always, eventually head out of the house for a late lunch, and wouldn't eventually be back until after 9 at night.

One does have theories. My Stories of promiscuity and i, on that inevitable day, just ended up ordering a pizza, and went to freshen ourselves. We just went quiet the entire time. We came back down, without speaking a single word. Sat around the table quietly. Ate our pizzas in utter silence.

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Like autonomous drones, we both got up and went upstairs and into the secluded movie watching lounge area. It has had become like over a decade long only Daddy and Daughter bonding time. Where my daughter and I go into look the door to the inside, turn off the lights, pull the blackout blinds, hangout, talk and watch something on the huge television. Eventually, we'd snuggle up in the corner of the couch, in each other's arms, and maybe drift off to sleep.

This day wasn't that different either, but this time without a single word. We turned off the TV after the movie finished. We held each other and the eerily quietness was only broken by our breathing. Everything was engulfed into the darkness.

This went on for a while. My daughter finally broke the silence. You do understand that Mom's actually been cheating on you right?

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You seem to accept it and that is up to Stories of promiscuity, you have your reasons. You could speak with her but your choice is yours and hers is hers. Same here!! I have never been faithful. I have been unfaithful in each and every one of my relationships. Yes, I just confessed. I constantly cheat on my wife. Sex with strangers is fantastic. You can ask for anything, the two of you agree on what is fun and go for it. No regrets, just wild sexual excitement.

Wife in love with her dates. I love it. First, I love going out with wife and watching her picking up guys. Sometimes the guy knows, sometimes not and I go home alone while she goes home with him. Sometimes she hooks up with a guy that is with a group of friends and she winds up at their table. She honestly has a good time but is aware of me watching. Her "date" has gone to the bathroom and she has taking the opportunity to flirt and kiss his friend. She knows that would be hot to me.

Such a cheater and tease she is. Anyway, she gets very attached to some guys who woo her and treat her so nice and slow dance and caress and soft kiss while they look in each others eyes. I know she gets caught up in it and she is so into the moment. Like watching a love story. I know she truly wants him and she has told me that she is so wet while they are kissing and whispering to each other. She said she won't tell me what she says but I can guess.

I confess, I like it. It is so hot to me. If she doesn't go home with him we have great sex while she fantasizes about it aloud. When the guy has known about me I have followed them to a hotel walking behind while they walk arm and arm, joking and kissing, almost mocking me. When inside I get to see my wife truly make love in all kinds of ways hardly ever acknowledging me.

Some guys have said "I love you" and she has returned the sentiment. She does get some phones calls and she says it on the phone too. She has told me that, yes, she means it when she says it but not like us. Some guys she has seen more than once. As far as risk, she says we are life partners and she could never imagine life with anyone else and especially one who lets her do the things she does.

I think Stories of promiscuity is happy. I am happy. I confess to being extremely proud of being the most sexually experienced and advanced man I know personally at the age of I'm better at sex than any Stories of promiscuity I know, women can tell also, trust me.

I have fucked over women, that is over when you include oral sex and manual sex partners since the age of Due to the fact that I'm hypersexual. I always wanted to please women and be the best fuck they've had. Obviously I have a big thick cock that is my prized possession, but it's really because I know how to use it and athletically perform sex and fuck acts more rhythmically and precise than most men.

Numerous women have asked if I was a professional male escort, prostitute, former or former porn star. I'm just an amateur expert and local legend. A lot of women naturally choose me for one night stand and flings. But why am I so proud of something that certain women and men will judge as repulsive and salacious hedonism??? Because a lot of men are envious and jealous of the women I've fucked and all the mind blowing sex I've had

Stories of promiscuity

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