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for Free! Blowjob from my Sister 5 Votes 5. Score 4. It started one miserable evening in the late July of last year. I had been sick in bed for days, slipping in and out of sleep, so much that sometimes I could not tell what was real and what was in my head. The brutal heat only added to this factor, and my discomfort.

At this point in my life, I had only ever slept with one girl before. I was in no rush to get laid again. This particular evening I was alone in the house with my twin sister Truly. My fever was at its peak.

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Slowly I became aware of a moaning sound from nearby. In my tiredness, it took a while for me to realize that I was listening to Truly masturbate. It was a common enough thing to hear, what with the thin wall that separated our rooms. Normally I wore earplugs to bed—for that reason among others—but in my sickness I must have forgotten to put them in. I forced myself to get up with the intention of finding them and going back to sleep, but I stopped cold at what I saw.

Truly was standing near my bed. Her denim shorts were unzipped, and her skin-tight shirt was pulled down to reveal her left tit. One hand was underneath her panties, and another was massaging her breast. When she met my eyes, she froze in fear. Her Stories sister bj went as white as a ghost. I got a good look at her. She was a mildly attractive girl, my sister: nice hips, better-than-decent tits, if her ass was somewhat lacking.

Her brown, wavy hair, though usually done Stories sister bj in a ponytail, now hung down naturally. I wanted to avert my eyes, but I also felt the need to demand some sort of explanation from her. So I kept my eyes locked with hers. Neither of us said anything for a few seconds. I think she was waiting for me to speak.

Stories sister bj then, probably brought on by my illness, I was swept by a bout of intense exhaustion, and my world slipped again into sleep. The world was fuzzy, but I could make out the shape of my father sitting on the edge of my bed.

At this point I had no recollection of the incident with Truly. It sounded more like a yawn than a word, but my dad understood. Here, swallow this. My father left without another word, and I almost fell asleep again. But then I remembered what had happened with Truly, and I woke up fully. It might have been a dream. After all, I had been near-delirious when it happened. There was no telling if it had actually happened. Hey, um, were you masturbating in my room the other night? And anyway, she was a really good liar.

I tried to get back to sleep, but the image of Truly was too much to shake, even if it was just a dream. Against my better judgement, I reached down and began stroking my cock, focusing on that image of her. A small part of me kept saying, This is so wrong, you sick pervetbut I kept masturbating. I was still incredibly tired, and I fell asleep without cumming, but the whole time I kept thinking about Truly. Everyone except for my mom, probably at work, was at the meal. Max was going on about his summer camp and how amazing it was. I sat across from Truly. After a few minutes, the sight of her gave me an erection.

I pretended to drop my fork so I could get under the table, then quickly tied my cock behind the waistband of my pajama pants. She wore a short skirt, and no panties, and her legs were spread wide open. After about half a second I realized that I was supposed to be getting my fork, and I got up quickly. Maybe it was the lingering effects of the fever, or the pure lust that pounded through my veins probably bothbut all I knew was that I needed to get upstairs and release the tension in my pants. So I quickly excused myself, on the pretense of fatigue, and headed to my room.

I grabbed some tissues from my bedside table, spit on them, and went to work. I started masturbating again andand I had almost reached a climax, when, all of a sudden, my life changed. Truly walked in. First she looked embarrassed at the sight of my cock, and she turned to leave. But then she saw herself on my laptop screen, and she got this strange look on her face. Those might have been the worst moments in my life; waiting for her to say something. I mean, what was I going to say? It was obvious what I was doing. But she did smile lustfully at me, and I realized she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

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Still without saying anything, she put her hand on my cock and began stroking where I had left off. Soon I was ready to cum—and I think she realized that, because she quickly stopped and pulled the tissue away.

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I nodded wordlessly. And before I knew it, I was getting the best blowjob of my life. Truly was sucking my cock as quickly as she could, jacking it off at the same time. Soon enough I felt my balls tighten; the intense suction was too much for me to take. I emptied my load into her mouth, and she swallowed every last drop. She kept sucking after I was done, trying to get my cock hard again. She unhooked her bra and exposed her tits.

Sure enough, my cock shot upright at this stimulation. She gave me another blowjob, this one ten times more incredible.

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When I could feel myself beginning to cum again, I reached down and squeezed one of her tits. The result was one of the biggest orgasms of my life. Truly swallowed it all again; and when she was finished, she put her clothes back on and left, acting like nothing had happened. End of Chapter 1. Incest Fantasy brother-sister sister blowjob.

Stories sister bj

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