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Description The first volume of Submissive Women combines three of Charlotte Edwards' most popular stories in one volume of over 13, words.

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When he told his wife he intended leaving her for his new love, she decided to do anything she had to to keep him. Determined to be the lover her husband wants, she is led down a path of pleasure, depravity and fun.

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On this occasion, she is tied up and offered to another couple. Throwing a marital aids party at home, she invites twenty of the loveliest ladies from the neighbourhood and ensures He has a front seat for the show and plenty of opportunity for audience participation.

Extract: 'I finished my Champagne and Suzi took that as the al I intended it to be to knock back her own drink, walk across the room and stand passively by my side, shedding her robe on the way. Drinking in her beauty, I ran a hand down the curve of her ample breast, along the tight leather corset I had cinched her into earlier and followed the flair of her hip.

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Standing abruptly, I pulled her slender arms behind her back and taking a long leather sheath, began to lace it up the length of her arms. With a last tug, I fastened the restraint off with a bow and admired the way in which it made her 38DD breasts lift and project even further.

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For a few seconds, I couldn't resist taking her nipples into my mouth one at a time, elucidating a low moan from my horny woman. Getting back to work, I fitted her ankles with a spreader bar and then lodged a four inch penis gag firmly into her throat.

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Suzi made a token attempt at struggling as this was inserted - she really didn't like it much but once it was fully in and fastened, she relaxed again. We both learned a long time ago that the one faculty Suzi had to give up for total submission was her voice.

The final touch was a leather blindfold and a small butt plug, pushed firmly in place just as the doorbell rang.

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With a last rub of her sopping wet pussy, I left my beautiful wife standing vulnerable and available in the middle of the bedroom as I went to let our guests in. If that sort of stuff offends you, please do not read it. Product Details Price. Earn money by sharing your favorite books through our Affiliate program. Become an affiliate. Always blessed or cursed with a high sex drive, I'm lucky to have a fantastic husband who not only looks after me in every respect but also allows me to research all aspects of my Submissive woman stories.

I love to write about sexy submissive ladies because at heart that's what I am. I write about my girls being put into often extreme and difficult circumstances by strong men who care about them and ultimately ensure they are loved and looked after. I write what I like to read so I expect my audience is mostly women but to be honest my stuff is so hot, I'm sure I have the odd male fan out there!

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