Suppository punishment stories

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This is the collection of 8 testimonials ly shared and a new bonus testimonial. Please note: All parties involved in these stories are adults. The stories are mostly fantasies and do not condone or encourage abuse. It is just entertainment. If you want to act it out, please get consent. for Chapters Themes in chapter 5: nudity, potty, diaper, suppository, messing, and reference to masturbation.

It took me weeks to get used to walking in the booties. My back was often sore after hours on foot, so I spent more time crawling on the floor. The mittens were even harder to get used to: I had to rely on Taylor, the supervising nurse, to help me with self-care and hygiene. Sarah, an experienced Suppository punishment stories practitioner is going through a divorce. This has a long-lasting experience on her relationship with her years-old, Alex. Please note: This is a fantasy.

I do not intend to encourage or inspire abuse. If you decide to act any of these out, make sure you get consent from everyone. If you want to act it out, please make sure to obtain consent. The first story is about parents who raised a bully.

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You will learn how they used reciprocity and communication to turn the bully into an angel. I knew health check-ups were not enough and I had to step up my game. He fought back — a lot. However, I was always stronger and I put him in his place with spanking. Please Suppository punishment stories this is a fantasy. This is also the first one I am publishing.

Alex not only becomes an obedient boy, but finally starts treating his mother with respect. Please note: this is just a fantasy. It was about 5 pm when Roger sat in the main lobby of the special ed school he was attending. The school was wrapping up and he was quietly watching the moms and d arrive to pick others up. He felt a growing worry envisioning being left alone. Maybe his mom forgot to pick him up? Maybe his mom abandoned him? He was holding back some tears. To avoid crying in public he opened his backpack and started rummaging through it; checking if he packed in everything.

». It has been over the month that Roger entered the health clinic. While the walls, the people, and the noises were the same as the first day he saw them, he considered the health clinic more his home than his actual home was.

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However, both the consultant and his mom wanted him the best and they were right: after weeks of struggle in the clinic, Roger learned how to cope with his fear of leaving his comfort zone. He has not only grown as an adult, but he has also found a new friend. She wanted to teach me to be disciplined by giving me suppositories and forcing me to do girly stuff.

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She has also asked her two daughters, Lydia and Erica to help her out. Initially, I did not believe this project will last longer than a few days and I thought I can be back to normal very soon. As a result, I started giving up to their demands; I had to carry around a pink blankie and a teddy bear toy with me and I had to also wear pink pajamas during the night. Search for: Close.

Total reading time: minutes ». Reading time: minutes Please note: All parties involved in these stories are adults. PART 1 Sarah, an experienced nurse practitioner is going through a divorce. Day 1 It was about 5 pm when Roger sat in the main lobby of the special ed school he was attending. Older Posts.

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Suppository punishment stories

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