Taboo camping stories

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It used to be innocent - the touching I mean. All the hugs and kisses from my stepdad were appropriate on every level, which is why this particular secret of mine is so disturbing. But here I am, bearing my soul about a twisted experience with the man who loves calling me Princess. Every second we were busy in there, filling the air with the unquestionable smell of sex, I kept on lusting for more.

I just wanted to fuck him harder and faster. This meant that everything was deliberate and slow. From the kissing to the penetration, there was a constant awareness about what was happening. How is this possible you ask?

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How in the hell can a nineteen year old freshmen - who is in a serious relationship by the way - ask her own stepdad to fuck her while twelve other people are around? Chapter One Taboo camping stories I Dreaming? I remember waking up incredibly thirsty. It was still dark and I had broken into a cold sweat during the night, feeling slightly scared and a little shaken up. After taking a few seconds to catch my breath, I grabbed a drink of water, opened up the window to feel the cold summer breeze, and got back into bed.

That was when I heard a knock at the door. Puzzled as to who it could possibly be, and not paying attention to how little I was wearing, I drowsily made my way across the dorm room. Imagine my surprise when I saw my stepdad standing in the hallway. What are you doing here? Is something wrong? Are you feeling okay? Been cramming for tests all week. You know how it goes. It could have been one of the things I mysteriously forgot about.

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He awkwardly stepped past me and came to a stop in the middle of the room. This was when the strange silence fell for a few seconds, because neither of us knew what to say. Still unable to look at me, he tried hard to address the issue. We had been avoiding each other ever since the incident. He shook his head, insisting that I was the innocent party.

Instead, I allowed him to stare. Something was definitely off, because I was different around him, and he was awkward around me. Of course not Princess. How can you even ask me that? Like a wet slut I swayed back and forward, teasing his growing muscle. I gasped for a second as it slowly rose to the sky. Without thinking about the consequences, I fell onto my back and pulled off my panties.

Chris reacted by gripping his cock and stroking it a few times, then he gently separated my pussy lips with the head of his cock. Harder than a piece of wood and hotter than my rushing bloodstream, I felt his cock pulsating against my pink walls. Am I hurting you? As he pulled out the first time it was covered with my juices, but it would get even wetter the second time. Still standing at the edge of the bed, Chris got into a patient rhythm.

He paid meticulous attention to the cream that formed on his cock and I could feel him shudder every now and then, especially after invading the Taboo camping stories part. It was a tell-tale that things were only going to get louder and more intense. He grabbed my ankles and threw them over his shoulders. This was followed by a hard thrust that made me feel like a virgin again. I whimpered and reached for the sides of the bed, because I just needed to hold on to something. He was going to take out all his frustrations on my snatch and I was more than willing to take it.

The sound of his big cock pushing my pink walls open resonated in the room and I could hear his balls slamming against my ass. All I managed to do was sink my fingers into the bed and bite down on my lip. Every muscle in my body was tense and relaxed at the same time as Chris kept on hammering Taboo camping stories monster cock deeper and deeper. His hands were all over me, twisting my nipples through my skimpy top and squeezing my ass, all the while my toes were locked at the back of his head. I started rubbing my swollen clit, knowing the moment he pulled out I was going squirt all over him.

He just kept taking long strokes back and ramming me as hard as he could. Faster and faster he fucked my brains out.

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It was like an endless volcano erupting inside me. Burst after burst of warm liquid filled my cunt, which made my body spasm with a very intense orgasm. I thought his dick was going to explode from all the throbbing.

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Then I suddenly woke up with Tommy on top of me, breathing heavily and looking at me with a very strange expression. His dick was still lodged in my pussy and his sperm began leaking onto the sheets. Besides, they are your friends, not mine. Just help Chris out until I get there. Out of nowhere she got this brilliant idea of reliving her old days with some out-dated acquaintances.

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I was even more surprised when all her friends thought it was a great plan. What time should I be there? That will give you enough time to get everything ready. Thanks Vic! When I got there Chris was trying to make a salad, but something went horribly wrong somewhere. What was I supposed to do? Chris and I got along great since he started dating my mother, and 9 years later we were even closer. He never tried to be a flawless stepdad and he was never intrusive. Instead, he allowed me to do my thing and I loved him for it. You seem to like executions way too much. The space was limited between the counter and the Taboo camping stories, so Taboo camping stories had to slide past each other.

I guess this was when things got dangerous. With my ass pointing towards Chris I moved towards the salad bowl. He was side-stepping in the opposite direction and inadvertently rubbed against me. Neither of us made anything of it though. It was an accident, so we continued with the food. However, there were quite a few accidents afterward. I have to admit, the wine quickly went to my head and Chris had more than just one beer. Oh yes, it was awkward even while feeling buzzed.

Nevertheless, the hints we gave each other while entertaining the guests was incredibly fun. I recognized one or two face, but for the most part these people were strangers. Luckily Chris was a great host, which is why my mother loved throwing parties. He turned on his natural charm, threw around his handsome smile, and had everyone laughing within a few minutes - including me.

Of course I was jealous of my mother, because she had landed the perfect guy. He had broad shoulders, ocean blue eyes, a big dick and a sense of humor. Plus, he had more than enough money to buy an island. But through it all he remained the type of man you can feel safe with while sharing your deepest, darkest secret.

The party eventually moved to the outside, where everyone popped up their tents and got out the marshmallows. All in all there were 12 strangers in our backyard, telling stories across the campfire while roasting their pink treats. The two people hosting the camping experience had no clue what they were talking about, so we just nodded along and smiled.

It became somewhat of an inside joke for the night, which we used to keep up the innocent flirting. Fortunately, by that time everyone had a little too much to drink and they were enjoying themselves too much to care. Then came the moment where we all decided to turn in for the night.

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Knowing that the evening was beyond strange and most likely very dangerous in nature, I climbed into the tent with Chris. Apart from the faint solar torch in the corner, it was also pretty dark. Some last minute shuffles and giggles came from the tents that surround us, then it went silent. I actually liked it a little bit. With Chris being a Taboo camping stories muscular guy he took up a lot of space. The faintest movement meant friction between us, and that was the last thing either of us wanted.

But you can only keep still for so long. At first I thought it was a water bottle or something, so I reached back in hopes of discovering the source. But when I stuck my hand into the small space that separated us, I felt it. Quickly I pulled away. The tension that had built up to that moment inspired me to keep him in that tent. I took the opportunity to move closer, until my ass cheeks made full contact with his cock. The teasing went on for a couple of minutes before I drove the nail into both our coffins.

Just five minutes…please?

Taboo camping stories

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