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Well being a young crossdresser. Well my mom was going out of town for a few days. Mom left me some money and told me that not to worry that nobody around this town. Well she said plus our great Dane Rex here and he would tare someone up if tried to break in or anything being completely Paula 24 7 an 16 was worried about it. She left that morning.

Later on I went out in my string bikini and sunbathe for a while. Well on the way back in the house Rex followed me and keep sticking his nose on my ass cheeks and trying to lick my gurly-boi-pussi hole. I got into the house and was at the kitchen sink washing my glass out and doing some dishes. Well Rex Teen crossdressing sex stories in and started to do it again and this time when I pushed him away my red nails caught him so he yepped.

I felt bad about and bent down to make sure he was ok. Which he was. I went back to doing what I was. He was starting to do it again. It actually started to feel good. I thought to myself since it was string thing bikini I would just move it out of my crack for him for a couple of minutes. Rex really liked that because he started licking my gurly-boi-pussi hole alot getting his tongue inside of me.

I thought to myself omg what are you doing but it felt so good so I let him continue to do it till I almost dropped a plate in pleasure. Well I figured that I had better stop him and I did because I needed to take shower. I told him to go lay down in his bed and he did after a couple of minutes. Well I went up stairs and took a shower and when I came out he was sitting there he was not aloud up stairs.

When I asked him what he was doing up here he ran down stairs. I looked way I did my hair and makeup. Like I was going out on a hot date. Teen crossdressing sex stories said ok to and went to my dressed and pulled out my dark purple corset and thigh high stockings and put them on already had my silicone breast glued on and my boi-virgia glued very good had been for last few months.

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Well while I was putting my earrings in and jewelry on I heard Rex whining downstairs. I yelled out I be down in a few minutes. Well I decided not to wear a g-string or anything else with my corset and just bare from my waist below except for my stocking and heels. Then realized that had the whole house to myself for a few days and that nobody comes by here ever.

I must admit it made me very horny when he was licking me. So I figured that was just me here and Rex how far could it go beside if he just licking my gurly-boi-pussi hole. Well I put on a robe and went downstairs. Rex was laying down at the bottom of them. He stood up when he seen me coming down. He was happy to see me but when I got down beside him looked sad because I had robe on. I rubbed his belly for a minute. Then went an put a quilt and pillows on the floor. He looked at me funny when I did. But he sat down in middle of them. I told him to stay and when I came back I had surprise for him.

He stayed and I went to the kitchen and got drink out of refrigerator and took my robe off. I took my drink and went back to the living room. I said that I see that you like what you see. I sat my drink down an knelt down on the quilt in front of him. I started to pet him he licked my lipstick lips and mouth well I opened my mouth and I felt his tongue go into my mouth.

This went on for a few minutes before I made him stop. I stood up in front of him and he started to lick my glued down boi-virgia and my gurly-boi-pussi hole. It felt so good and amazing especially when his big old tongue was going into me. So I turned around and got down on my hands and knees and let lick way for a while he had me moaning good then he stopped.

He ran out to the back door. So I got up and let him out. This content appeared first on new sex story. He ran out to the back fence and looked I stood there waiting for him he ran back in. I shut the door and he was laying down on the quilt. I sat down beside him an started to rub his belly well the tip of his cock was sticking out of the sheath some. I rubbed my finger on it and then rubbing his sheath and balls. Well his cock came out more as I rubbed his sheath. I started rubbing his cock that was out it was wet and smooth. Well after a few minutes of that I was curious about what it would taste like.

I just moved and licked it. It actually tasted very good so I lick it more than I wrapped my lipstick lips around it and started to suck it. I was amazed by how good it tasted and felt in my mouth. The more I sucked him the more it came out in total about 8. Well I was sucking his wonderful pink doggy cock he was licking my neck driving me nuts. His doggy cum flowing in my Teen crossdressing sex stories and throat.

After he came couple of times. He got up and went to get a drink so I laid drank some of my drink. Well I just thought to myself about what I did thinking about how I just gave my dog a blow job and liked it. Since he had not yet come back in the room I figured that he was laying down Teen crossdressing sex stories his bed. Since I was on the floor I crawled over to turn on the TV. So I crawled back to the quilts an pillows stacking them up as he steadily was licking my hole.

I leaned over the stack of pillows letting him. It felt so good but I honestly wanted him to mount me. Well he just kept licking I could feel his tongue in me deep. My gurly-boi-pussi hole was dipping wet from his big old doggy. I wanted to be fucked by him very bad. I finally keep pushing his head away.

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Well after a few times of that he must have gotten f frustrated because when I was going to get up he got up on me. I said good boy. He wrapped his front legs around me. He started to hump but missing my gurly-boi-pussi hole just as I was Teen crossdressing sex stories to reach back and help him he got in. Omg he sank it in me completely to the knott I screamed in pleasure loudly. He fuck me hard and fast for a good while cumming in me a couple of times.

I could feel his cum running down my thighs as he was. I was loving every single bit of being fucked by him. Well after a good long time he unmounted me. He was walking around panting so I was going to try get up but my legs were shakey and weak. Well he seen me trying to get get up an mounted me again. This time was different because his cock had swollen up some as he fucked me. Then it happened I felt my gurly-boi-pussi stretch then like a pop an I moaned loudly in pleasure because he had knotted me.

I was in completely helpless against him and on cloud nine. By the time he was finish with me. Well after he was done fucking me his new bitch my gurly-boi-pussi was gaping open. But I was happy and felt so wonderful.

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Teen crossdressing sex stories

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