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I am the oldest of 6 children and male. I am now 50 years old and very much an ABDL. It all started back when I was just 7 years old. I was small for my age and had a bedwetting problem. My sisters were 5 and 3 and my little brother was just a baby. My mother had threatened me many times with diapers for the bed wetting but never followed thru with it. We moved to a new town right after school was out for the summer.

We had not lived in this town that long but mom had made friends with a lady across the street from us. She had a teen aged daughter that I had a huge crush on. To me she was beautiful and was different from other teenagers I had been around. She would often come Teenage diaper story and play with my sisters and I. One day the girl came over and she was sucking on a baby bottle, which of course seemed strange to my sisters and I.

She offered her bottle to my sisters and they refused and went off to play by themselves. I was curious as to why she was drinking a baby bottle. I was afraid of it and told her I was not a baby. But for some reason I could not take my eyes off of the bottle.

She must have realized my attraction and grabbed me and picked me up. She took me to this old shed in the back yard and carried me inside. She sat down on a pile of old wood and placed me in her lap.

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As she tried to push the nipple into my mouth I Teenage diaper story to struggle free but she was too strong for me to break free. Eventually she managed to get the nipple into my mouth and held it tight so that I could not get it out. She then told me to drink the rest of the bottle or she would keep me there until it was empty. I saw no other way out but to drink the bottle as she told me to. After a little time of nursing on the bottle I felt relaxed and realized I kind of liked it. She was calling me a baby and saying things about how I would make a cute little baby. When the bottle was empty she placed me over her should and burped me.

I was shocked that at my age I was really burped like a little baby. She then placed me sitting on her lap and told me to never tell anyone about this or I would regret it. After that time she would sometimes come over and quietly tell me to come with her or else. Being smaller and afraid of her I would go with her. She would make Teenage diaper story comments about me being her baby. I had become use to this and really began looking forward to her coming around. After a few weeks my parents went back to their routine of having one night out for themselves and had the girl babysit us.

My parents always had their date night on Saturday night. Sometimes they would be out quite late other times it was just for a meal out. On the nights when they would not be gone long the girl would always hold and cuddle me and if my sisters were not around have me suck my thumb. On this one night when my parents were to be gone till late is when she really got started babying me. Before bedtime she helped my sisters get ready for bed and got my baby brother in his crib.

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I thought it was early for bed even for them. But she did nothing with me so I figured she wanted some time to hold her baby, me. Once the others were in bed she came to me and picked me up.

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She told me that there was now time for me to be her baby. It was odd but she took me into the bathroom and layed me on the floor. She then ran a bath and started removing my clothes. I told her to stop that I could take my own clothes off and take my own bath.

She then slapped my butt and told me to Teenage diaper story a good baby, that she was going to bathe me. It had been a long time since I was bathed by anyone and it was only my mother that had ever done so. She sat me in the bath water and I realized she was using the baby soap that was used on my brother. She washed my hair with baby shampoo and made sure I was clean from head to toe.

When she was satisfied I was clean she picked me out of the tub and strapped a towel around me. She carried me in the living room and layed me on the towel. She told me to suck my thumb and not to get up. I did as I was told and she left the room saying she would be right back. When she came back she was carrying a cloth diaper and plastic pants and baby powder. I tried to get up Teenage diaper story get away from her once I saw these things but she again grabbed me and forced me back down. She held me down as she told me to either lie still like a good baby or she would spank me.

I was crying and saying I did not need a diaper I was not really a baby. Those diapers are for my brother not me I said. She said they were diapers for any baby and right now I was going to be her baby. She dried me off and then she put baby powder all over me. Then she pulled it up between my legs and pinned it in place. I remember how soft it felt but also felt bulky between my legs. She then slid the plastic pants over my diaper.

I was crying all the while feeling so embarrassed being diapered by her like a little baby. She held me at the table and fed me the bottle. Then she put me in my brother highchair and spoon Teenage diaper story me a jar of baby food. I tried to fight it but knew I was no match for her. She kept calling me her little baby boy and saying how cute I was in my diaper. Later she made me wet the diaper saying that I had to wet my diaper before she would take it off.

That if I didn't wet the diaper she would put me to bed in it and my parents would see what a baby I really was. Not wanting that to happen I was eventually able to wet the diaper. When I had wet it I told her I had peed in the diaper. She made me say that I was a baby and had to wear diapers before she would take it off of me.

She then took the wet diaper off of me and wiped me all over with a damp washcloth removing the baby powder. Then she put me back in my underwear and pj's and put me to bed. She told me then that she would make me her baby whenever she wanted and I had better never tell anyone. This happened many more times whenever she had time. Sometimes she would make me take a nap in the crib and take my bother to the living room. I had become use to the baby treatment and in some ways even looked forward to it.

I never said anything to my parents about any of the babying and it kept going when ever she babysat us for the next year. Teenage diaper story following summer my parents went to my aunts in another state for a week vacation. My aunt had two daughters and I did not want to go so they set it up for me to stay with the mother of the girl that was babying me. I was happy about it but figured there would be some baby time whenever her mother was out and left her and I alone.

My mother gave the friend a key to our house so I could get things if I needed to. It was on a Saturday morning that the rest of my family would be leaving and they would not return till the next Sunday. I packed some clothes and a few of my favorite toys to take wioth me and my mother took me across the street to their house. The girl answered the door and let us in. My mother told them that I was warned to behave and should have everything I would need for the stay.

We said our goodbyes and my mother left. I went on the front porch and waved bye to the rest of my family as they drove away. As soon as they were a couple blocks away the girl picked me up and said that she had been looking forward to having her baby for a week.

I asked about her mother and she said it was not a problem. She grabbed my hand and made me suck my thumb as she carried me inside. Her mother met us as soon as we were inside. Her mother said that she saw that her daughter already had her baby and smiled at me. I was humiliated this was the first time anyone else had seen me being as a baby. Her mother told me that she had known about me being the baby the whole time and that it would be good to have a baby around for a while.

I was given a bath rubbed down with baby lotion and baby powder and diapered. Then I got upset when the mother came over and had girls clothes in her hand. I told them I had clothes to wear but was told I would not be wearing any of those clothes. I was to be a baby girl for me entire stay with them. It was too much for me to handle and broke into a crying fit, while the two of them laughed and the mother dressed me in the dress.

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