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How did you feel? Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to First time topless Any stories about the first time your other half went topless? Or even stories from ladies the first time they did? When my gf now wife first did it I was really nervous about anyone looking. She was only about 19 and me a couple of years older. She stayed Ike it for about an hour until the beach got busy then covered up again. After that she never did it until about 5 years later when we were away with friends and her sister I've written about it in another post somewhere.

I was really nervous about hr going topless in front of our friends but at the same time desperate for the other girls to go topless. I was well aware though that it was everyone or no one. When it did eventually happen I was probably as turned on knowing our friends were looking at my gf as I was at looking at them. My husband asked me to reply I have never been the most modest person as my husband has described in some of these thre, but that is around family and friends.

We skinny dipped with friends in our pool, and Topless beach stories roommates saw me naked in college but I was young and I thought I looked good. Friends would sometimes only go topless but I had no problem letting boys see everything, sometimes opening up a lot if they were staring. My curlies are just right and make a nice triangle without creeping out on my legs like some girls have. My lips are not prominent unless I am really excited then they come out to play. After our daughter was born and I filled out some, I was less likely to go nude unless it was friends we had known for a long time.

One couple we have known for a LONG time talked us into going to a nudist camp with them. I was skeptical, thinking there would Topless beach stories open sex in public, but they explained they only went to family camps and there was no sex in public. They and my husband were very convincing so we went one Saturday. They went in the office and paid the day fees after stripping at the car. I waited to be more comfortable. There were probably 40 people there, all relaxed and fully naked, many more nude people than I had seen in the past.

Since my friends were nude already, they Topless beach stories toward the pool but the manager, a man about 70, offered to take me to the ladies rest room so I could change. I walked with him, trying not to stare at his good sized cock and very low hanging balls. In the small rest room next to open showers, I undressed and was uncomfortable that this man would see me fully naked.

That was an odd feeling for me, but I was concerned and shy. I peeked out the door and he encouraged me to come out, which I did holding my clothes over my hairy triangle with an arm over my nipples. He said I was lovely and walked me back to the car to leave my clothes. He did not get an erection when he saw me nor did any other man although my husband told me that women who cover up or act shy are more likely to get attention than others. Soon I was in the pool and very comfortable, although our friend with us did play a bit of fondle and probing under the waterbut he does that in our pool too.

I suspect my husband feels his wife up too. Over the years I have enjoyed getting felt up by young and old as you can see in our nudist writings. For each of the first five or six camps we visited, I tended to be somewhat nervous until I see that everyone is naked and behaving themselves, although now we have been to some places where sex is more obvious and it does not bother me at all now. And while I am not the skinny homecoming queen I used to be, my figure is still good and in most ways comparable with most nudist women.

That reminds me of my first and nearly my last nude beauty ant. My friend and I agreed to compete and looking around I thought I would do ok and could possibly win. I put on makeup which I do not ever wear at these places and trimmed my pubic hair so your could see my lipsa request by my husband. I was doing ok and had been introduced and strolled around the pool when a 6 foot tall blonde with HUGE breasts arrived. No one could compete with her. I came in third. My photo has been in some of the nudist publications and some of my photos are in here with my face covered, the only way I would allow my husband to do it.

And while I tended to be very straight laced for years, at a recent beach party with some of our friends and others I did not know, with almost everyone naked, they had a limbo contest. I tried but ended up with my legs spread wide open flat on my back. I laughed when I saw everyone staring between my legs, so I reached down and spread my lips as far apart as I could, showing them my deep pinkness. I then saw the men's jaws drop as they saw my secrets. I asked my husband if it bothered him and he said he got a hard-on like all the other men.

I am flattered men still want to look, 35 years after my first visit to a nudist club. One last thing. Yes, I enjoy anal sex a lot but I have to be Topless beach stories the right mood and prepped for the act. My ass has had many more men than my pussy which is only for my husband--except a couple of unusual times.

See his stories. Some very nice stories.

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Hope I don't get off topic like many. It's easy after we get turned on. My wife Dollie decided I could do this quicker and more to the point.

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I doubt it! Keeping it first time We have always been campers. Years ago campgrounds were very primitive and often there would be only a few other campers there. We'd walk around lakes, in the woods, or anyplace we could alone and enjoying nature. I talked Dollie into removing her tiny bikini top for these lonely walks. We'd often wander thru the trails alone for hours. At first when we heard others coming from behind or toward us she'd quickly put on her top. I believe she accidentally got caught several times.

Eventually she was comfortable being stared at up close. I remember her only complaints were "they stare at my nipples. She was always upset because her older sister and mother had very dark and long nipples. I explained "but look at those big boobs you have. Again she'd cover Topless beach stories when others walked by. But in time Dollie was used to sunbathing and hiking nude while passing others and visiting briefly.

It was me who got the brainy idea for her to pose while topless with other young guys. We were in our late teens when this all began. Probalby eary 30's when she first got her boobs fondled while posing. This was Dollie's idea. During all of those years before I can't remember feeling anything but turned on and proud.

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But while having young strangers playing with her tits and rubbing their hard erect pricks on her bare cheeks and inner legs made me very jealous. Still I was so turned on I purposely spent a lot of time taking a few simple pictures. All of this evolved to many stays at nudist resorts, unofficial and offical nude beaches, and parties with others naked. I was proud of Dollie's body and wanted to show her off. Spreading her legs and her lips to give others a close up view was normal. Eventually she was loving it.

I would say that for all of us married men who love our wives, we experience jealously, fear, and are thrilled at the same time. As recently as a month ago I had those same feelings as several men fondled my wife

Topless beach stories

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