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Return to Fan Fiction. Board index Pixar Fandom Toy story fan fiction Fiction. Pixar Planet. My first Toy Story fanfiction. I want to know what you guys think, but I'm still pretty new at writing stuff like this, so I hope you'll cut me a little slack.

Here we go Chapter One: New Life, New Troubles Only about a week and a half had passed since Andy's toys had found a new home, but it was already almost painfully clear who Bonnie's new favorite toy was. Though Woody, Buzz and the others were highly treasured by the little girl, the certain way her face would light up whenever she saw Jessie made it unmistakeable; she loved the beautiful, red-haired cowgirl doll more than any of her other toys. And that was part of the reason why Woody had been having such a hard time adjusting to their new life.

Not only did he have to get used to a new home, new friends and a new owner, but he also had to learn to accept that he was no longer the favorite toy in the bedroom. Which, seeing as he had been, in many ways, Andy's best friend for so many years, was understandably difficult for him. It was on the Thursday after the toys had arrived at Bonnie's house that the Andersons were going to leave for Bonnie's grandparent's house for the weekend. Anderson were upstairs finishing packing, while Bonnie was in her bedroom playing with her toys.

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I need someone to save me before she uses her evil witchy powers on me! We'll ride away on my horse before the witch catches us! Come here Bullseye! Anderson called, "I need you to come in here for a minute okay? As soon as Bonnie was gone, Woody began to sit up.

He moaned a little from the pain of suddenly being dropped to the floor, then looked over at Jessie.

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She was beaming with happiness over once again being the one to come to the rescue. Andy never would've made her save me, Woody caught himself thinking. It was true though. During their playtimes with Andy, Woody and Buzz were the heroes, while Jessie was their sidekick.

Occasionally she would be the damsel in distress, but usually that role was filled by Bo Peep or one of Molly's other dolls. But never was Woody the one who needed to be saved. With Bonnie it was different. It was as though she had switched Toy story fan fiction roles; in her times of play, it was Woody or Buzz who would be captured or trapped by witches, ghosts, monsters and other terrible things, while Jessie was usually the one to rescue them. No one was certain why she played that way, but Woody suspected it had something to do with the fact that Jessie was her favorite toy and that she liked to imagine her always being the heroine.

Why one of Bonnie's dolls couldn't be the one always in need was beyond Woody. Buzz didn't seem to mind any of this. Although part of him longed to be the hero, he was glad to see that it made Jessie happy to be loved in a way that she hadn't been loved since she had lost Emily so long ago.

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Sure, Andy had loved her, but not in the same way loves their favorite toy. Woody, on the other hand, couldn't seem to hold back feelings of jealousy toward her. Seeing her so much more cheerful than usual after a day of playing with Bonnie made his teeth itch sometimes.

I've gotta admit, it feels good bein' played with like that all the time again, doesn't it Woody? Jessie looked concerned. You've been actin' kinda strange ever since we first got here. All the toys went limp almost immediately. Now go pick out which toy you want to bring because we're leaving right now, okay? Woody began to feel a strong sense of deja vu. He could guess who would be picked. She wished she could bring all of her toys with her. But since her only option was to choose just one of them, she picked Jessie up off of the floor. Anderson called from downstairs.

Jessie couldn't help wondering what was going on with Woody. Guess I'll have to wait until we get back to find out, she thought. I'll try to update at least once a week. No promises though.

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Don't forget to tell me what you think! I am interested to see what happens next. I had meant to update this on Saturday, but Thursday was my birthday and we had friends staying over for the weekend, so I didn't have much time to write. I have to admit, I love writing lines for Woody when he's in a bad mood. You can read this story on Deviant Art as well.

Hope you enjoy! Anderson's parents, things were rather dull back in Bonnie's bedroom due to the absence of the imaginative little girl and her energetic cowgirl doll, though the toys were enjoying the freedom of having the whole house to themselves. Nothing too exciting was going on. Potatohead was reading Mr. Popper's Penguins out loud to her three alien children, the Peas in a Pod and anyone else who cared to listen, several toys were gathered around watching Slinky and Dolly, who were engaged in a rather competitive game of checkers Slink had originally invited Woody to play, but the sheriff had refusedand the two dinosaurs Rex and Trixie were discussing how to beat the next level of a video game they had been playing.

Meanwhile, a few of Bonnie's playthings had retreated downstairs to the living room to watch TV, including Buzz, who had somewhat miraculously been able to talk Woody into coming with him. However, while the other toys were sitting on the couch in front of the Toy story fan fiction, the cowboy found a way to climb up onto a windowsill. There was a chair right underneath the window that gave him easy access.

Once he made it up there, he sat down and began to sulk. It seemed like that was all he had been doing for the past couple of days. Buzz looked over at his friend and sighed.

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Maybe it's best to just leave him alone for now, he thought, then turned back to the TV. A horse documentary was on. Buzz couldn't help but smile a little. Jessie would love this, he thought. He missed her more than he had thought he would. The day went on, and after the documentary was over the other toys decided to watch a baseball game. Having ly discovered that he did not particularly enjoy watching baseball, Buzz went to find something else to do. He spotted Woody, who was still seated up on the windowsill.

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Maybe I should try to talk to him. He climbed up onto the chair that was under the window. Just leave me alone," Woody replied, perhaps a little more harshly than he had meant to. I'll let you use the green car. He turned to Buzz with a mischievous grin on his face. I'll play a game with you, on one condition. I was going to tell her about it soon anyway. He was running around with it, when suddenly, he accidentally kicked it onto Buzz and Woody's board game, scattering the cards and knocking down all of the pieces. He gave Woody an Toy story fan fiction look, as though he was trying to say "I'm sorry.

He put his car back to the place where it had been before and saw that Buzz was putting his own car on a pay day space. You did not land on that pay day yet. On my last turn I went three spaces and landed right here. You know I did. What's going on with you lately? I'm just a little It sounds so But you still haven't really told me anything. You can find someone else to finish it with.

So long, partner. Buzz thought, You know, considering what I'm going to have to pay for that game, I had hoped it would go a little better I thought you really gave Woody some great lines, they were really funny. So great job. I know it's short, but that's because Toy story fan fiction was going to be part of the next chapter, but after finishing this scene I realized that it works much better on its own.

Chapter Three: Lonely It was late by the time Bonnie and her family arrived home on Sunday night, and she had fallen fast asleep in the car. Her father carried her into the house, while Jessie was being tightly held by the sleeping girl. Anderson had considered waking Bonnie up in order to brush her teeth and put her pajamas on, but decided against it. He laid her carefully down onto her bed, pulled the covers over her, gently kissed her on the forehead and quietly left the room. As soon as Bonnie loosened her hold on Jessie, the cowgirl quietly slipped away, being careful not to wake her sleeping owner.

She climbed down from the bed and made her way over to Buzz, who, after Mr. Anderson had left, had been pacing around aimlessly, unable to sleep. Woody, who had not yet attempted sleep, was in what had become his usual spot, namely the windowsill. However, instead of looking out at the stars, he was staring down at the floor, when he spotted Jessie quietly running to greet Buzz. He saw her quietly and yet enthusiastically hug the space toy.

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