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But while the bags themselves have fully saturated the market and are considered essential tools in the household, the technology has left much to be desired. In a recent Kitchen Keynote hosted by actress, speaker and trash power-user Angela Kinsey, Glad unveiled ForceFlexPlus, a new iteration of trash bag that promises big changes.

Not like, retina-scanning or self-disposing changes. Imagine the cost! But the kind, they say, that could be considered the greatest innovation ever in trash. These products still generally fall short when it comes to preventing leaks and avoiding messy system breaches in the form of rips, tears, and punctures.

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Just as people want their online data to remain private, they want their less-than-savory household garbage to remain discretely contained. And they want to be able to cram in more of it. The research and development team at Glad targeted three key elements that have traditionally been weak spots in most garbage bags: the sides, the bottom, and the material of the bag itself.

Glad ForceFlexPlus, glad. Perhaps the most important development is two strong seams on each side, which hold in leaks at a critical juncture—ever seen one of those things burst?

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Not anymore: Glad has identified the ideal of seams required for side strength, and it is exactly between one and three seams. Finally, LeakGuard technology helps the bag stretch further and prevent leaks, strengthening the bag from every angle using two layer protection.

All together, the system prevents punctures, leaks, odors, and bugs more consistently than any generation of the Glad trash bag. The bags have been put through rigorous stress-testing that simulates the trash experience from carton to curb. At the Kitchen Keynote, actress and speaker Angela Kinsey, demonstrated these outcomes with some the leakiest and most stressful known garbage bag inputs, including chunky salsa, old soup, and a great deal of nickels.

These are, of course, worst-case scenarios that should give everyday users confidence that their bags will withstand even the strangest kitchen disasters.

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One such user is the Kitchen Keynote speaker herself, Kinsey, who lives in a busy household of five and recommends the bags for all kinds of garbage, from cooking and craft messes to slime projects gone wrong. For more casual users and potential late adopters, Glad has upped its offerings. How exactly can one identify as Gain Moonlight Breeze?

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Trash bag stories

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