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Incest sex stories: Lonely Mothers Milk. Author: Nancy The good daughter. About 4 years ago, my Mother, Father, and I had just moved into our new home in Victorville, California. Not only was the home huge but it was also centrally located between the beach and Las Vegas so no matter what we decided to do we always found an excuse to leave and have fun as a family. Being 14, the more time I spent away from home the better and my parents were always trying to be the fun parents. My father was a mechanic for the United States Army. He had paid for our new home using VA funds and some money he had saved up, and due to the recession homes were so cheap my parents had their pick of them.

My Father had served 2 tours overseas and was planning on staying at a local base to finish up his remaining service time. After we were situated in our new home and my Father had been doing his thing at the military base locally which was only 2 — 3 days a monthwe seemed to feel like a normal family again. After my 15th birthday though everything seemed to change. I woke up one morning to my Father and Mother crying in the kitchen. I thought someone had died. As I walked up to my parents I asked what had happened, what was wrong. My Father explained to me that because of spending and mishandling of money at the base all overstaffed reserves were either being moved elsewhere or were going back overseas.

My Mother was a nervous wreck again, always scared that next phone call was going to be the call to let us know he was gone, that my Father had died. That phone call came much too soon. About 2 months after deployment my Father had been in a convoy headed from one base to another. His True lesbian incest stories was the 2nd from the front in the convoy. My Fathers car and the one before it were hit with gun fire and RPG missiles. No one in either of the first two Humvees survived.

My Mother got the call about am Pacific Standard Time that my father was killed. True lesbian incest stories and I were naturally inconsolable. Over the next few months my Mother became more and more silent, hardly talking, hardly doing much of anything.

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She was one strong woman, very socially awkward now but strong. So before I go further I guess I should explain who my Mother is. She weighs pounds, sports an F cup and has the body that will make any girl jealous. She was an English school teacher before she met my Dad and loved exploring. My Mother had been slowly getting into the online dating scene due to her sister pushing the issue. She would lactate… constantly.

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No one outside of the family or in the family, besides me, knew she had the issue. This is where the story takes an interesting turn. One night after a normal long day filled with online school and her dating sites she was ready to go to bed.

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We sat in her room watching recorded Jeopardy like the old couple we felt like we were. She had pumped in front of me a ton of times and it had become pretty routine as she pumped at least 2 times a day every day. Her little breast pump had been running day and night for a long time without issue. I used to be amazed at home much milk would come out of her and how relieved she would look afterwards. After cutting our show True lesbian incest stories because of her online exam in the morning, she switched off her machine we had said our goodnights and I had left to my room.

Sometime in the middle of the night my Mother would wake up in pain if her breast were still full from an unsuccessful milking the night before hand. Tonight was one of those night, as she woke up moaning in pain, I jolted awake and I heard her normal routine. She got up, sat up halfway asleep moaning, got out of bed and walked over the bathroom to pee. After she peed she would walk back to her bed, plug in her pump and lay down while the pump did its work. Something different happened tonight.

I tore my sheets off and walked over to her room in my pajamas. As I crept up to the door I she started to call for me. I took a second and then continued into the room. I asked her what was wrong and she responded with the saddest look I had ever seen. Tears rolling down her face she said her pump had given out and it hurt so bad to even touch them. I laid down next to her in her bed and took her head into my arms and stroked her hair.

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I figured it must have been pretty bad to make her cry as she never complained about anything. As I stroked her hair I asked if there was anything I could do, anything at all. She laughed and said no, stating she just had to ride it out until her sister woke up in the morning. She released a few more tears. My Mother chuckled a little through her tears. I smiled at her and asked her what was True lesbian incest stories funny. She smiled nervously looking away from me and started to say how when she was pregnant with me my father would drink her breastmilk when she produced too much.

She said it was one of her fondest memories of him and used to feel good. I laughed and asked her if she was serious. She let out another moan and a few more tears as she readjusted herself. She smiled and had continued to tell me that I used to nurse for 30 minutes to an hour when she would breastfeed me.

I laughed and told her that was crazy that I used to do that. I teased her asking if she really breastfed my Father. She said she did all the time, not only when her breast were full but just because he thought it was kinky. I stopped laughing and shyly asked if she knew what it tasted like. We both laughed again nervously, more tears were streaming down her face as she said her breast hurt just to laugh.

I looked down at her nighty barely covering her body and exposed nipples.

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They were leaking milk a drop at a time. I looked away and laughed nervously again. I wondered how many people drank breast milk still at my age. I looked into her face which I was still holding in my arms and asked her if I could help her. She looked at me confused and asked how.

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I told her maybe I could help milk her. My Mother looked away from me as I looked towards the door embarrassed. Now was my chance to run, should I go back to my room I thought. She started again and said it would be too inappropriate and morally wrong. I explained it would only be between us and it was only one time so she could sleep and focus on her test in a few hours.

She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and asked once more if I was okay with doing this. I nodded nervously.

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She moved her head from in between my arms and laid on her back. She lifted her nighty from off of her breast and towards her head. Her exposed breast looked amazing as they were slowly shown to me. As her night gown had reached her neck she looked towards me for the next step. I locked eyes with her and as we broke our lock I leaned in towards her left breast. I grabbed her full breast in both hands, almost too much of a handful to hold and moved my mouth closer to her lactating nipple. This was it, this was going to happen, I was feeling so turned on and confused I started to shake.

True lesbian incest stories

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