Vegas bachelor party stories

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Forget taking a cab. Rolls-Royce Ghost limousine anyone? Your room has a ridiculous of amenities including a pool or foosball table, a private bar, packing and unpacking services, an infinity spa tub soak away the hangoverand even a TV in your bathroom mirror totally unnecessary and totally fabulous. Welcome to the high-roller life. Also, no need for the photo rules to apply here. Take a little detour from the Strip to the Royal Resort for an amazing dinner at the Barrymore.

Sit around the perplexing underwater firepit and down some drinks to start the night off right. The fine print puts a damper on how useful they are must use before midnight, Thursdays only, etc. Dressing up is not optional. Leave athletic wear, ripped jeans, anything with holes, and sandals at home. Take your pick, have a blast, and try not to end up with a tiger in your hotel room. Very few if any other nightclubs will give you a party with aerial acrobatics. Also good to know, this place is heavy on electronic music.

This is the place to go for the best view in Sin City. With the UFO-like chandelier ceiling, high-tech is an understatement. This legendary nightclub is so popular that an Vegas bachelor party stories may not be necessary. Or you could hit the salad bar. There are a ton of different packages to choose from on both indoor and outdoor ranges. The customized packages which allow you choose from a huge selection of guns ranging from WWII classics like the Thompson to full-auto shooters like the AK47 are the most popular, especially the Machine Gun Special.

Hakkasan at the MGM Grand is one of the most talked about restaurants in Vegas and it lives up to the hype. Incredible and innovative food cooked by a Michelin-starred Head Chef? Impressive wine list? This place has the whole package.

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Be sure to order both the steamed crystal shrimp dumpling, scallop shumai, perch dumpling and black pepper duck dumpling and fried roasted duck pumpkin puff, XO scallop puff, crispy prawn dumpling Hakka Dim Sum Platters as appetizers. Also, save room for dessert because the Black Sesame and Chocolate Dumplings are to die for. Take a seat at the table of your choice and hope that luck wants to be a lady tonight.

You can always drink your losses… But seriously, try not to go all in with the honeymoon fund.

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We recommend booking the King of Clubs package in advance. This will get you limo transportation from your hotel and back, a VIP line pass for the group, 3 bottles of premium spirits with mixers2 pitchers of beer, and the best seats in the house. As for cocktails, try an After School Special raspberry tea infused tequila, ginger agave, lime, Modelo especial.

After lunch, hit your first pool party of the day, Rehab at the Hard Rock. The live music is also a big draw Lady Gaga made her debut here. You can eat filet mignon, or better yet, bacon wrapped filet mignon until you burst.

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The restaurant operates a little bit like a dim sum place, but instead of carts with dumplings, there are skewers of meat. He up- drinks reserved by the pitcher. Let the groom get his own, though. He just had and absolutely nailed his last 72 hours. Get started Groom Duties Back. Marquee at the Cosmopolitan This legendary nightclub is so popular that an intro may not be necessary. Up Next.

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Even More Bachelor Party. Bachelor Party Bachelor Party Planning: The Seven Deadly Sins Your primary mission is to mastermind a bachelor party that's free of logistical complications, stress, and drama. So here's a list to get your started. You're an outsider, the kind of groom who shakes things up and gets things done. Bachelor Party 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations in North America This is the one single "wedding trend" that we endorse: the destination bachelor party. You deserve it. So make the place worth it. Some strippers go to hundreds over the course of a year.

Time to get bachelor party advice from the experts. Your next move is?

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Bachelor Party The Most Important Meal: Your Bachelor Party Dinner If your group of friends were a band, this dinner would be your masterpiece, the one album for which you will always be remembered. Montreal Bachelor Party The Last 72 Hours: Bachelor Party Montreal Montreal is an ideal bachelor party destination, with plenty of amazing restaurants, cool clubs and bars, beautiful and affordable hotel suites and no end of activities.

Here's how to spend your 72 hours there. Bachelor Party When a Bride is Nervous About the Bachelor Party Just tell him that you love him, that you want him to have a good time, but that it's very, very important to you that he respects your boundaries. You can get more creative.

Consider mixing up the ho-hum routine of pole-dancing and beer with the following.

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Bachelor Party The Best Bachelor Party-Friendly Casino Destinations A bachelor party without a casino is like a strip club without a pole: you can still have fun, but somehow the experience will seem a little I keep visualizing what that stripper might have done with him. I cant stop thinking. What am I suppose to do? Am I wrong anywhere? What Do You Do? Let's take a step back. Let's break down your perspective, and then her perspective.

Bachelor Party How Every Groomsman Must Behave at a Bachelor Party You are both the enabler of the groom's debauchery and, simultaneously, the guardian of his dignity; the good cop and the bad cop. Here are 10 rules for success. Here's how to spend them right.

Vegas bachelor party stories

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