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Warprize chronicles of t. Warprize Chronicles of the Warlandsp. Continue please to enthrall me with your storytelling. Howard in his Conan books and makes for a satisfying escapist read with its enjoyable romance between a plucky, near-naked heroine and a truly heroic hero.

The story is told flawlessly. Keir is a breathtaking hero; you will never look at a warlord the same way again. Vaughan has written a wonderful fantasy. The story is well written and fast paced. Run to the bookstore and pick up this debut novel. Poignant and powerful. The plot moves at a nice clip, and the ending is a masterstroke. Her descriptions [are] gorgeous, watching Bethral and Ezren fall in love. The characters are interesting and appealing.

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Vaughan has crafted an interesting world where myths and reality blur. Filled with magic, gods and goddesses, and heroic deeds, the reader will never want to put this book down. The characters—main and side alike—are interesting and enjoyable. The sex is fun, and the romance is undeniably sweet.

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Of all the gifts that writing has given me, your presence in my life is the greatest gift of all. Kathleen Crow, who refused to let my dream die. Kandace Klumper, for quiet words of encouragement and a good swift kick when necessary.

Lisa Black, who always wanted more. Patricia Merritt, who is my partner in evil. Jane Lackey, for her long suffering patience. Annette Leggett, always running through the forest with sharp objects. Tom Redding, who suffered through the galleys. Merrilee Heifetz, Warprize read online Genoese, and Fiorella DeLima, whose hard work and contributions to this book made me look damn good. But most of all, credit must go to Jean Rabe, who pushed me into the pool, and to Meg Davis, who found me there. Dear Reader, What is the special magic behind a book? What gives it the power to sweep us away from our everyday Warprize read online and fill us with a sense of wonder?

Stories make us laugh with joy or cry in anguish and all because of a bit of ink on a piece of paper. Movies and TV are enjoyable, but nothing beats the pure pleasure of a good read. So much has happened since this book was first released. These characters have grown and developed in ways that I would have never anticipated when I first wrote this book.

It pleases me to no end that this book is available to you once more, with the addition of a new story I hope you will enjoy. Please feel free to stop by my website to learn more about me and my stories at www. Biting my lip, I pressed harder still, desperate to stop the bleeding. A quick glance around the large kitchen told me that there were no other healers in sight. They were all in the main hall, tending the others. Just the apprentices, clustered around the table.

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Blood bubbled up between my fingers, warm and thick. The metallic smell was strong and settled in my mouth. There was something wrong with the smell, but I was too busy to think on it. One of the l frantically waved a fresh bandage before my eyes, and I snatched it, crammed it into the wound, and pressed down. I had to get it stopped. The bandage turned to scarlet before my eyes.

The man under my hands groaned and thrashed, trying to get away from the pain. One of the smaller l was flung away. Vision blurred for a precious instant as my head rocked back with the blow. My hair came loose, and one long brown curl floated down to lie Warprize read online the blood that surrounded my hands. The felled boy scrambled up and threw himself back into the fray, grabbing the flailing arm and wrestling it down. I was too harsh on the l who were trying their best. Their bloodless faces were pale blurs.

I heard the one next to me swallowing rapidly. My shoulders tightened as I tried to increase the pressure, trying to staunch the red flow. It was Eln, thank the Goddess. The warrior surged up again, and the table squeaked in protest. We stayed with him, trying to keep him still, trying to keep the pressure on. He cried out suddenly, then sagged back, exhausted. I gulped in breath to answer. My teacher for years, he always moved like a gray lake-crane.

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He made a noncommittal Warprize read online, then pulled a deep breath in through his nose. I gritted my teeth. My patient shifted again, and we moved with him, automatically. But experience had been a hard teacher, harder than Eln had ever been. With a nod, and a strangled sob, I released the pressure on the wound.

The apprentices froze, not understanding. One stopped, and looked at me. Go now. Coward that I was, I took a moment to rinse my tunic and trous of the worst of the blood. That might save me some abuse from Anna when I returned to the castle. The cool, wet cloth felt good against my hot and sweaty skin. The bleeding had turned sluggish. It would not be long now. The man sighed and relaxed, muscles releasing their tension under my touch. Aye, Eln would offer a lesson. But I would offer comfort to a dying man. The water seemed to ease him, and I put the cloth down for a moment, and steadied myself.

I forced myself to rinse my hands again, working the nails to get the blood off. I took a moment to clean the one stray lock of hair and tuck it up again. My hair was a constant irritation, the curls were never content to stay neat on top of my head. The kitchen had cleared again. It was the best room in the old barracks to use for the worst of the wounded. The large tables served well, and every counter and cupboard was filled with jars and bowls of ointments and remedies. I stared at their bright colors and the false promise of the claims that they could cure all ails.

But nothing lay there that could save this man. A noise d rew my attention down. His eyes fluttered open. Once again I took up the water and cloth. As I worked, he focused on me, a question in his stare. I smiled. You took a wound. Rest now. No need to speak. He knew. He closed his eyes, then opened them again Warprize read online for the first time he seemed to really look at me. His voice was soft and tight. I paused. Few were left that could claim to have known my father. One corner of his mouth turned up. All fey blue and wise. I caught it and held it in mine.

His eyes got a strange light in them, perhaps an echo of his younger self. What a warrior he was. Published:

Warprize read online

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Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan