Werewolf interactive story

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Download Werewolf Romance: Interactive Story Game Choices apk directly to your mobile device and enjoy using this amazing app. Recent update for this file was in May 1, Please share this with your friends and gaming community! Google Market claims it has about downlo till today. Need more details? Ready for new experience? The file category is Simulation so you like this kind of applications, you must test it!

The current version of this game is 1. The price?

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The game is available for free, but feel free to visit the biggest popular android markets to find direct download buttons. Play as the female lead in this fantasy story and make your decisions in this stunningly beautiful world with werewolves! You will have a romantic relationship with your fated mate, a Werewolf Alpha who saves you in the beginning of the story!

Choose your romance and your path in this interactive story game! Saved by the Alpha werewolf! Do you want to be a werewolf shifter yourself? Make your choice!

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Will you fall for the male werewolf, the Alpha? Will you be his fated mate or be single? Choose your path! Play your own story and choose your boyfriend! Looking for the thrilling plot and the best werewolf and paranormal romance?

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Enjoy the fantasy, love, dramas, passions, romance, excitement, sweet moments and some more in this hot dating simulation game! Kiss him, cuddle him! Let him confess your feelings to you! Have a romantic, sweet journey with you Crush! For fans of Vampire and Werewolf Fictions also!

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Will you stay human or be a werewolf shifter? You have to make a choice. Stay, or leave. Playing as the female protagonist, you will be able to make your decisions and decide your paths by making different choices in each episode throughout the story. Choices matter, and each of them will lead to different events, paths and also the Love Points of the love interest!

Now make this interactive story your own romance story and decide your destiny! Different endings can be unlocked freely. Romance Two love endings. The handsome and sexy werewolf want to protect you, and he loves you. And you will encounter different characters to be your friends in this fantastic story. Now download this game to enjoy a romantic animated adventure with your favourite character! Download this love game to experience this fantastic romance story!

Enjoy your romance! Make your Choices! Decide your Paths! Choose your Episodes! This interactive romance game Otome game will surprise you with an amazing fantasy story and all of the hot and gorgeous werewolf characters!! You can download games and apps from two sources.

You can simply add your own reviews or tips for Lovage Romance Story Werewolf interactive story app or share own guides that makes the gameplay easier and gives more fun. We really appreciate it!

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Well, if you like playing games and using apps from Simulation category, you should definitely check this out! Download romance. Sounds good?

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Player must notice that current version of this game is 1. Get Werewolf Romance: Interactive Story Game Choices full version unblocked from mirrors above or just receive it directly from google store. You must be logged in to post a comment. Leave a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. File Name: romance.

Werewolf interactive story

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Werewolf Romance: Interactive Story Game (Choices)