What is an initiation story

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An initiation story is a short story with a plot in which the protagonist or narrator gains some measure of maturity from a life-changing experience or gains knowledge about the world and insight into his or her future adult world. This change often advances the character toward an adult world. These stories should provide clues that the change will have some permanent lasting effects on his or her life.

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Initiation stories center on many various experiences, and they vary in effect. These stories emphasize the shock effect of the experience, and the protagonists tend to be quite young. Some stories take the protagonist across the maturity threshold. Initiation stories usually involve self-discovery, and for this reason many initiation stories are told by first-person narrators.

These types of initiations could be termed provisional and resolute, respectively. When the narrator breaks a tree branch, he believes that he killed the tree. This happens to everything. When he finally gets comfortable with the arrangement, the man that everyone calls Gihh-rhaggs dies in a car accident.

The narrator finds out the next morning when he is not woken up by Gihh-rhaggs and talks to his mother. All that shit. The bus driver asks the narrator to cross the line and find a seat. The narrator crosses the threshold, which symbolizes that he is moving on.

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The story does not tell the reader what the future held for the narrator, therefore a provisional initiation story. She feels it is confining and dark and boring, while outside with father is freedom and excitement. But, at the age of eleven, she feels her attitude is changing and finds herself leaning toward fixing up her room and worrying about how her hair looks and what dress to wear to school.

In short, she realizes that she is growing up she is becoming more feminine. When she was younger she would tell herself stories before going to bed where she would save people and be a hero, but as she gets older she realizes her dreams are more about getting rescued by a boy from her class or her teacher, instead of her doing the rescuing.

It might be a boy from our class at school, or even Mr. Campbell, our teacher, who tickled girls under the arms. The reader is lead to the fact the narrator is becoming a woman and that this maturity will stay with the girl and last into adulthood. This is a story about a resolute initiation because it is going to last a lifetime. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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What is an initiation story

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Initiation Story