Wife orgasm stories

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for Free! My Wife Experiences a Nocturnal Orgasm "Our life of voyeurism le to my middle age wife experiencing an nocturnal orgasm. Score 4. Published 5 years ago. There had been a of studies on women having nocturnal orgasms or dreams. A few studies have suggested that nearly forty percent of the woman out there have experienced some kind of nocturnal experience in their lifetime. They can be intense and feel extremely real to the point of actually believing that it is really happening. This is what happened to my wife, Ann. It had been earlier this spring when I hired a young man to take care of our lawn.

Connor was only nineteen, but seemed to have a good head on his shoulders. He came highly recommended by someone I had worked with and was extremely reasonable with his price. I hired him without even meeting him, and when he showed up for the first time, I was quite impressed with his professionalism. Ann Wife orgasm stories him a tour of our yard and showed him the areas she wanted him to be specifically careful around.

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She has a of plant beds throughout the yard that she is very protective of, and I watched from the kitchen window while she led him around the yard. Connor was a bit on the quiet side, but he had a confidence about him that was quite special. As Ann led him around the yard I began to notice his eyes staring at her as she walked in front of him. It was quite exciting to see a young man of his stature checking out a middle age woman like my wife, and when Ann bent down in front of him at one point to pick something up, I could see his eyes drawn to her lovely ass.

I knew from that point on that he had a special bond for her. When he finished cutting and trimming, Ann paid him and he left. I told Ann how I had watched him check her Wife orgasm stories while she took him around the yard. Ann thought I was nuts that a young man of only nineteen would want anything to do with a woman over the age of fifty.

I told her that lots of young men would love the opportunity to be with an experienced woman of her age. She then asked me, when I was younger if I had the desire to be with an older woman, and I replied to her that I did.

I had a crush on our next door neighbor who was nearly thirty years older than me. I would check her out every time she had come out to sunbathe by the pool, and I must have jerked off more than hundred times to her. My wife and I had been married for more than twenty three years, and over that period of time we had built up the reputation for being a bit on the voyeuristic side. It started in earnest about seven or eight years ago when my wife and I had taken a stroll in the park one afternoon.

There were a of heavily wooded trails throughout the park, and we decided to take the most scenic route. We had walked for about twenty minutes or so when we had come to a small clearing. I felt a bit frisky, and I glanced around to see if anyone was around. I then began to make out with my wife as we kissed and embrace one Wife orgasm stories intimately. I felt the urge to fuck her right there on the spot, and a few minutes later I began to ease down her shorts and panties. I moved in behind her lovely ass as she held firmly onto a large rock. My cock was throbbing hard and I quickly began to fuck her from behind.

We had been going at it for a good few minutes when I suddenly noticed an older gentleman with his dog about fifty or so feet away. My wife had her shorts and panties down around her ankles, and her shirt and bra were raised up just above her beautiful breasts. It felt so intense and arousing, and my wife began to moan softly out.

We were both on the verge of cumming when I gave my wife several hard thrusts with my cock from behind. Seconds later, she began to cum hard all over my cock, as the Wife orgasm stories gentleman watched with great excitement from only a short distance away. This immediately pushed me over the edge, and I began to cum deep inside her, as I experienced one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Ann now began to get quickly dressed. She had just pulled her shorts back up when she noticed the older gentleman off in the distance walking briskly away.

She quickly let out a gasp and did everything in her power to cover up her nearly naked body. She was quite upset with me for not telling her that he had been there watching us. She got even madder when I told her that he had watched most of what had happened. I then began to push Ann into doing other voyeuristic things including being naked while we drove around to different locations.

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She even gave a trucker a glimpse at her big tits one day while he passed us on a local highway. There was nothing off limits, and it had become a new way of life for us going forward. I watched our love making increase three fold during that period of time, but as we had gotten older it began to subside just like a lot of other enjoyments in life. Connor now had become our newest excitement, and the thought of my wife teasing him had my cock instantly hard.

She wore her swimsuit while Connor mowed the grass directly behind her. She lay there on her stomach and unloosen the back of her top exposing her whole back. I watched from a second-floor bedroom, and every time Connor cut the grass near her, he would glance over at her as she Wife orgasm stories there on the patio sunbathing.

He even mowed the same part of the lawn for a second time hoping to catch any glimpse he could of her large natural breasts. It had brought out the best in my wife that day, and we had some of the best sex we had in quite a while, but that was only the beginning. A few weeks later after he had finished the lawn, Ann invited Connor in for a glass of water. I had my wife wear nothing but a tight pair of jeans and a white top with nothing on underneath it. She looked extremely hot, and when Connor caught a glimpse of her nipples protruding through her shirt, he almost lost it.

Over the next months, I had my wife wear a of sexy outfits when Connor was around. It was a major turn on not just for him, but also for my wife and I. Ann would get so turned on that we would have sex immediately after Connor left. It was some of the most intense sex we had ever experienced Wife orgasm stories us.

We even took a bigger risk while Connor mowed the lawn one afternoon. Ann and I watched from a second-floor bedroom as Connor mowed the backyard with nothing on but a pair of shorts. Ann was getting really hot watching him mow the yard, and I slid my hand down into the front of her pants. We took a huge risk of being noticed but that only added to our overall excitement. I then took it another step further, as my wife felt a major orgasm building.

I told her to lift up her top so her breasts were viewable from the upstairs window. Ann was hesitant as first, but as her orgasm was nearing she lifted up her shirt just above her lovely tits. She began to cum hard all over my finger just seconds later, as her body nearly collapsed to the floor. Connor never noticed her in the window that afternoon, but if he did he would got a thrill of lifetime watching her cum hard like that while she stood there nearly naked in front of the window.

She ended up cumming a of times, and we were both quite pleased with how it had added another element to our overall sex life going forward. Ann continued to tease young Connor in ways unimaginable over the next few weeks. Then one night everything suddenly changed.

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We had retired to bed and had been asleep for about three hours when Ann suddenly awoke. Her heart was racing extremely fast and her breathing was quite intense. You would believe what had happened. I had an orgasm while sleeping. What were you dreaming about? He then ordered me onto our bed and told me to open up my legs. He climbed on top of me and began to fuck me extremely hard. I felt his cock penetrate deeply into me as I was unable to say or move. It had been shortly after that when I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

It felt so real and intense, and look my body is still shaking! Over the next few days, I began to think about what it would like to see my wife with Connor in bed. We had never really talked about the idea of sharing her with another man in the past, but the thought of it had my cock hard most of the day. Ann thought it was going a bit too far, but I kept on pushing her and after a few weeksd she agreed to at least think about it.

It had been a few days later when Conner had come over to mow the lawn. He had just finished up and had come inside so my wife could pay him. It had been a very warm day, and Connor stood there shirtless in the kitchen waiting for my wife to retrieve her purse. She had on nothing more than a pair of shorts and an open top with no bra on.

Do you find me attractive and sexy looking? I noticed you had checked me out on a of occasions. He said he meant nothing by it, and that he understood her for being angry at him for checking her out. Wife orgasm stories told my wife how he had a crush on her, and how he loved seeing her in different sexy outfits. Ann told him that it was no big deal, and if anything it had made her extremely aroused knowing he liked what he had seen.

He wants nothing more than to see you fuck me in front of him. His body began to tremble, and Ann now slid her hand down into his shorts. She gently massaged the shaft of his cock while telling him how great of a cock he had. Ann now led him down the narrow Wife orgasm stories to our bedroom as I followed from behind. Once Wife orgasm stories our bedroom, she began to undress in front of him.

I watched quietly from the edge of the doorway as Ann got undressed in front of him. She then walked over towards the young man and began to ease down his shorts exposing his large cock. His cock was perfectly smooth in texture, and was somewhere in the seven to eight-inch range. Ann now pulled him on top of her as she laid there on our bed.

She guided his hard cock in between the swollen lips of her aroused pussy, as she felt a powerful presence come over her. His big cock tore deeply into her as she cried loudly out in pure pleasure for the next several minutes. Connor now began to fuck my wife hard in front of me, and just minutes later I heard Ann scream loudly out into a very powerful orgasm.

He continued to fuck her hard for another ten minutes or so when he suddenly began to moan out. He came deep inside her as she held firmly onto the cheeks of his young tight ass pulling him extremely deep inside her. Ann lay there on the bed, nearly out of it for the next few minutes, as young Connor rolled off the top of her body. It was an experienced of a lifetime for the young man, and my wife bragged how well he had fucked her. This took our sex life into a whole new direction, and after a few days, we discovered how dynamic it had become.

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It had been a few weeks later when Ann and him got together again. Connor had just started mowing the lawn when a huge storm rolled in. Ann quickly had him come inside and change out of his wet clothes as she helped him out of his shorts.

Wife orgasm stories

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