Wife strips story

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Click the picture above for more details. My wife found out I had gone to a strip club in Canada with the other football coaches after a game one Friday night. One of the other coaches' wives told her about it, the bitch. My wife was pissed, she is quite a prude and always hated whenever I looked at porn on the Internet or even bought a Playboy. She told me that it was an Wife strips story to her that I would want to see other women naked.

By time I made that joke she was already starting to unclench her face and I could see that her anger had subsided. She laughed and went to start dinner. Later that night when we went to get ready for bed I was quite surprised to see her wearing her hottest teddy and special lingerie. They were made of a sheer red semi-transparent material that showed off her sweet body.

Even though she was 38 and had two children she was still hotter than anything I had seen. She is tall with a totally flat stomach and just the right curves with very nice-sized tits 38D ; in fact, just perfect for squeezing and sucking. I am getting hard just thinking about them as I relate this story. Well, she put on quite a show, as good as any of the strippers and she fucked me as passionately as she ever has that night.

Flash forward a couple of days and one night while we were going to bed she asked if I really thought she was as pretty as any of the strippers I had seen at the strip club. I told her yes. I told her Wednesday nights are amateur night and she could strip for the club. She smacked me upside the head Wife strips story said I was just being fresh. I decided to try to take this a bit further and told her I dared her to go with me Wednesday night then. Well, Wednesday came and I called her on my way home and jokingly said " you got your stripping panties on?

Well, one thing lead to another and next thing you know we are in the car driving to the strip club across town. We arrived at the strip club and I was surprised that we were able to get one of the last seats near the stage. It was amateur night and the place is usually packed when the local talent is on display, but tonight the crowd seemed quite sparse.

She was gripping my arm tightly as we were ushered up to the front, her head spinning around trying to take in all the atmosphere at once. I looked around and noticed it was a different crowd than what I had remembered from the Friday before. She asked me to leave and I reminded her that she had promised to stay through at least one dancer. I ordered a beer and a screwdriver for her.

The first girl came out shortly after we arrived. She was pretty hot, nice tits and pretty nice ass, a bit flabby but who am I to complain. I was nervous that my wife would get pissed when she saw the tent I was started to sprout in my pants. Something about the seedy nature of strip clubs really turns me on. I looked over at my wife and noticed she was totally enthralled with the dancer, watching her every move. As the song went on the dancer took off her top, it was pretty much like any strip, the guys gave out a hoot and holler and the dancer began to grind her hips against the air.

She seemed to be in a trance except for the occasional sip from her drink. When the dancer pulled her thong to the side to show off her shaven pussy my wife let out an audible gasp. It told her that they could because we were in Canada and they allow alcohol and total nudity there but not in Michigan. I ordered her another drink and asked her what she thought, she just looked at me and smiled.

I was pleased she seemed to be enjoying herself. The more she drank the more she seemed to get into the show. When the Wife strips story came close to the edge of the stage and the guys leaned forward with their money my wife let out another gasp. She turned toward me and asked what was happening and I told her to watch. One by one the dancer danced over to the guys and let them squeeze her and grope her as they slipped the bills in her thong.

The crowd really started to hoop and holler. I turned toward my wife and worried the jig was up, I am sure she would be pissed thinking I had done that when I was there with my buddies. I was very hard by now, I turned to my wife and noticed she seemed to Wife strips story getting excited also. The guys near us started to switch between watching the show and checking out my wife to see if they could see her pussy. When the music ended the dancer went into the audience and began doing lap dances. I knew this would really freak out my wife. Each guy would give the dancer a twenty and she would mount their lap and grind her pussy into it for a good three to four minutes before moving on.

I flashed back to the Friday before when I got a lap dance and remembered how hard I got as the dancer grinded her bare pussy into my jean-clad cock. I remember thinking I should wear sweats next time as it would be less constraining and I might feel her pussy. The music started again and another dancer came out. This time the announcer told us this was an amateur named Candy. My wife asked where that led. I feigned ignorance even though I knew it was a place for private lap dances. I mentioned it to my wife and she agreed.

I told her she could do a lot better and laughed. She asked me if I really thought so and I reminded her of the fantastic job she did with her little strip show for me last week. She stopped when she got to her panties and bra and the crowd started to boo. My wife turned to me and said there was no need for the men to be mean to her. She laughed. I glanced down at her hand and it was still over her pussy grinding away. Just then the stripper ran off the stage in embarrassment. After the fourth drink I noticed my wife was quite flush and had pushed her skirt aside and was actually rubbing her pussy there under the table.

The third dancer came by our table and asked if we wanted a lap dance. My wife did do a double take when the dancer asked which one got the lap dance. She blushed from embarrassment. My wife just nodded toward me and I sat up straight and asked my wife if she was sure. My wife told her to stay and looked at me and said it was cool. I wondered if this was some sort of trap or what, it was so unlike my wife. I leaned back in my chair and stretched out so my cock could get the full effect, I learned that the last time I was there.

This girl was quite attractive, a brunette with nice tits and a shaven pussy also. Her pussy lips were quite red and swollen, I figured it was from all the lap dancing she had done against denim. I was glad I had on my trousers as I hoped I would actually be able to feel her pussy lips this time. I was right, I pulled my fly to the side so it was just her pussy on my trouser-covered cock.

She was good as she would grind sideways every once and while. The dancer hopped off my lap and moved on and I sat straight up and quickly glanced at my wife. She was now openly fingering herself below the table and the look of excitement in her eyes was startling. She asked if I enjoyed the dance, I laughed and said sure.

I told her I wished it was her though, it was transparent but I hoped she would give me credit for trying. I looked around and noticed the place had filled out a lot more and there were actually a few women there that could have taken him up on the offer. I prodded my wife to give it a go. She halfheartedly said no and kind of looked around. I could tell she was actually thinking about it.

I had to pinch myself to think that my prudish wife would Wife strips story think about it was crazy. I decided to keep pushing her. I told her we could use Wife strips story money and she could stop at her bra and panties like the second girl.

My wife paused and asked me if I was really serious and I said sure why not. She said I would be jealous and I laughed again and said no I think it would be a turn on to let the guys enjoy the show I got the other night.

I almost fell out of my chair when my wife got up and walked over the DJ. I noticed a wet spot on the chair as she got up and knew she must have cum. Several guys tried to pinch her ass and touch as she walked past them. My wife just ignored them and walked straight to the booth.

She talked to the DJ shaking her head up and down and ed something then disappeared into the back. I smiled as I knew that was the pretend name my wife used when she did the strip tease for me last weekend. I was quickly going through my head trying figure out what she had worn to the club. It was a skirt, sweater and knee high stockings. Then she stepped out on stage, actually stumbled would be more Wife strips story. I could tell she was totally wasted by then. Now it made sense why she was doing this, when she gets drunk she loses her sense of reason and becomes totally wild.

As she stepped to the middle of the stage the music started, it was pretty fast and easy to dance to so she did very well. As with most of the amateurs she was very slow and cautious about what she would take off. With that my wife pulled her sweater off and let her big tits bounce up and down in her see-through red bra she had worn for me last week.

I was startled as I thought to myself why did she wear that bra — did she really plan to strip tonight. It was sweet watching her shake her tits. The sheer bra held very little back I could see her huge areolas and stiff nipples. Now the crowd was really into it. She danced around the stage bending over and shaking her tits in front the guys that had gathered around the stage.

She then slipped her thumbs into her skirt and began to slowly gyrate her pelvis back and forth as she pulled her skirt off. Sure enough, she had on those red see-through panties.

Wife strips story

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