Wife worship stories

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Worshipping Your Wife. It has given me refreshing thoughts. I referred this post to a couple of my Wife worship stories to read and consider implementing some of the ideas. I agree that financial control for the wife is the most important part of the marriage and solidifies her my control. This was hard for me to manage at first, but now I would not have it any other way.

I opened my own checking a few years ago when I went back to work after having our last. After reading this I thought it a good idea to close our t my husband pays bills out of. I talked with him and told him I would like for him to deposit his paycheck into my private. I will start to pay all the bills and he will not see anything of his paycheck. He has a debit card he uses when he wants to get something for himself; he will no longer have access to that.

He had questions and doubts, but I told him the decision is final and permanent. After that conversation, my stomach was churning, maybe with some fear, but mostly with excitement. Total financial control over your husband is many times more powerful than control over everything else. I walked away with a real high, like on drugs. I will not be giving him any allowance like others do.

He has a blue-collar job, and brown bags it every day, so he doesn't need money for lunches. If he needs to buy anything for the house or yard, he is to ask for my debit Wife worship stories. I am sure I will have to make minor adjustments to this as they come up. Of course he wasn't happy when I told him of this.

But afterward he said his happiness isn't important, his only happiness is to see me happy. Which I am. When done, I told his to return to his chores. And thank for sharing this with your wife. I felt uncomfortable sending it to a man, but most female led relationship blogs by women are too much kink, dominant, male hating, and I don't want to be involved in that.

Are our boys always obedient and worshipful? As they say, life happens. They need to be reminded who they are. The way our daughters and I act sometimes, my husband and son must wonder sometimes what is so superior about females. Female superiority is natural, but we have a lot to learn about it. Women are advancing in the workplace in pay and promotions. But most wives would still prefer not to have to work. I work part-time a few hours a week mostly for the interaction of the people there. My husband earns enough that I don't have to work.

Wife worship stories your wife prefer to not have to work full-time? Unfortunately in our economy today, too many wives have to work, though many find their jobs fulfilling. I know how your wife feels with an egalitarian nature.

A wife who understands female superiority means realizing your husband is inferior, and women have a hard time thinking of their husbands in a negative term like inferior. But the facts I laid out for you in my story give no other option. Once your wife sees herself as superior, that will allow her to accept your worship. Most husbands today understand, even if subconsciously, that they are inferior to their wives. You say my husband is a lucky man. He has to obey even when he disagrees. He is no longer allowed to watch TV takes his focus away from focusing on my desires, and takes too long to get it backhas to be in bed by 10 p.

After working all week, never sees or has access to any of the money he earns. He has accepted all this to worship me. He admits lucky is the last thing he is. He does it for me. I am the lucky one. I can enjoy myself doing something I love and come home to a hot-cooked meal. The guys wait till us girls start to eat and they take what is left over. I have the evening to enjoy with the kids, watch something on TV, or go out with some girlfriends and come home late and not have to explain anything to him.

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I can sleep late and wake up to fresh coffee, he has to put on another pot when he leaves for work. I can spend money on whatever I want within my budget. He occasionally has to work a Saturday. That allows me to buy something special that I show him so he knows what his overtime bought me; he specifically requested I do this.

I don't want to discuss our sex life, but I pursue it when I want it, not him. And I am worshiped. To be a woman knowing she is superior is special. You have a good site, but you need to have female perspectives of what it is like to be worshiped. And feel free to share with your wife, this is more important for all women to understand.

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Many most of the commenters on your site I am sure are not real. I wonder how many who talk about their wives are actually married. You are right, this is real life. I was encouraged to start a blog about us, but I really don't have any interest.

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I would run out of things to write about after a week. When I talked about all my husband has to obey and do, I need to clarify a few things. I do some of the housework, the things I find more pleasing. I cook dinner times a week, certain foods I am great at, and he is great at other meals. I also clean our bedroom since he works early and run the sweeper; he does the rest. As for the 10 p. I just made the 10 p. I don't think you have accepted female superiority as a fact yet, though you want to.

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If you did and truly worshiped your wife, you would have no problem after you came home from work and started in on dinner and your chores. You need to set a good example for your children, and your wife will quickly accept her role to be worshiped. In the past, men were always required to work 12 hours a day in hard labor 6 days a week. Farmers worked in their fields and barns from early morning till late at night 7 days a week to provide for their wives and children. You have the comfort of your wife's home to continue your work before you need to go to bed.

Why are men in our society reluctant to do their job? One point I would like to add.

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The last few years, women have been striving for equality in all things. We are not equal, we are superior. There are a few roles in life women should not be permitted to be involved in. These would Wife worship stories safety forces police and fire and military combat. It is the role of men to always protect women. In dangerous situations, men will put others at risk to protect a woman. In history men always went to war to protect women. World War I was the last war where they tried to protect civilian death. In the Civil War, overmen died and only 50 women. These 50 women who died were too many; it would have been acceptable if thousands more men died if it meant the 50 women didn't have to.

Women should at any and all costs be protected from harm. I understand this is a hard saying, especially in today's culture. Ask those men the same question. Ask the men who survived the Civil War if it would have been acceptable for them to die if it meant women could have been saved.

Ask those men on the Titanic who encouraged women to enter the lifeboats, knowing the kind of death that awaited them in the icy waters. Men understood the importance of women and protecting them at the cost of their own lives. A century ago, men understood and followed term "women and children first.

The military teaches men how to honor and respect women.

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Since the end of the draft in the early 70's, males show little respect and honor; men used to open doors for us, and used to stand when a superior female entered a room. You never see that anymore.

Wife worship stories

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