Wonder woman weight gain story

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The others started to move and that got you out of your stupor for a moment. You stepped down off the panel and began to fallow them.

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The watchtower was huge. Where ever you were headed it was a bit far and you began to get a bit tired after about ten minutes of walking you eventually had to stop a bit to catch your breath. You felt a gloved hand rest on your shoulder.

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You nodded and started to walk again but you were still exhausted and your walk started to become a waddle. Hal was floating next to you watching you blush embarrassedly and struggling to keep up. He noticed the more you walked the more your shirt rode up slightly exposing your belly and its jiggle. Unbeknownst to you, His breath hitched and his cheeks became a little colored. Hal then sped off until you reached a big door where you assumed the others already were.

He then set you down before landing. You turned bright Crimson feeling his hand graze your belly as he pulled down your shirt and his finger digging slightly into you causing you to let out a small giggle. He smiles and gives you a wink before you both walk into the room. For a second I thought she got lost. You looked at him then noticed your surroundings.

The room was huge and tall with a spiral staircase leading up to different halls and floors. This must have been the center of the watchtower. For your safety of course. You smiled and started to fallow her to an elevator. Once inside she presses a floor and the elevator goes up. Diana chuckled at your enthusiasm when the elevator reaches its destination.

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It was spacious with a couple TVs and what looks like a game system and a large table on the other side for several people to be around. She started walking towards a door on the other side of the room. You trotted to her quickly. Diana looks at you waddling behind her from the corner of her eye. You were getting tired again but trying not to show it.

Once in the kitchen she gestured to a table. You place your hands on your belly trying to stop it, blushing furiously. You hear her chuckle again before leaving to get you food. You felt embarrassed your big belly is growling in front of Wonder Woman! She must think your such a fat ass. You groan thinking about it. She returned with a slightly large plate of what looks like pasta of some kind. It smelled wonderful and made your belly growl loudly making you blush and Diana smile. It was just as good as the smell, igniting your hunger. You began to eat a little faster but trying not to look like a fat pig in front of Diana.

She was casually watching you with a smile on her face, which confused you a little. You continued to eat until you finished you were content but not full but Diana seemed to have noticed this and took your plate only to return with Wonder woman weight gain story. You rubbed your belly a little and just began to eat again. As you ate your belly began to stretch your clothes exposing your belly button pushing it against the table and causing it to spill over the table and your waist band. Diana saw this and flushed at the sight. Your chair creaked a little accommodating to your weight.

Once you finished you were stuffed and leaned back in your chair. You blushed for the umpteenth time today. Her hand presses firmly yet gently on your belly before she starts rubbing soothing circles on your belly. You hold back a moan and shyly push your belly into her hand a bit. You look full and sometimes this helps besides you seem to be enjoying your self.

She then pulls your pajama pants down allowing your belly to bulge out and eat up your thick lap. She pulls you close to her and she begins to use both hands on your full belly. She notices. Here let me take you to your room so you can rest I can show you around the other rooms another time ok? Diana helps you and you begin to waddle towards the door. She stays behind you for a minute to watch you waddle, looking at your enormous rear jiggle at every step.

She quickly composes herself and takes the Wonder woman weight gain story guiding you to your room. It took a few minutes before she lead you to a room on the floor above. It was plain but roomy and a pretty large bed. You sat down on the bed and flopped backwards on it raising your belly up towards the ceiling. Diana came forward and gently rubbed your belly before saying goodnight. Once she was gone you thought of what just happened.

That was extremely strange but comforting. You decided to just accept what just happened and fangirled about it. You started to drift off to sleep wondering what was gonna happen tomorrow. Cold and wet and miserable was all you could think of as you walked home in the rain from work. You jolt from the sudden boom of thunder and wishing you could walk faster right now. The comic book store you worked at was only a couple blocks away from your home and was currently the bane of your existence.

See you were, well to put it bluntly, obese. No sugar coating that word at all. This also made getting to your house in a hurry hell on earth for you. Thankfully you only had about half a block to go. The sight of your dark wood door was like staring at the pearly gates of heaven right now.

Keep reading. Everyone is single right now original 6. Thank you It was raining and cold outside and you were stuck in the middle of it getting home from work. You worked at a comic book store not too far away so you walked there even though it was a bit hard for you. See you were obese. No avoiding that word you were pounds of big girl.

Because of that you were kinda lonely and a bit sad you wished you had someone to love you but that wish would never come true. You sighed walking through the cold wet rain until you reached your house Once Wonder woman weight gain story you shook off your jacket and wet clothes and tossed your satchel onto your couch. You then went to your bathroom and took a warm shower. You sighed enjoying the warm water over your big belly and in between your fat rolls.

You stayed in there for a few more minutes before getting out and drying off. When your dried you go into your room and change into an Aquaman T-shirt and your Green Lantern pajama pants. It was a bit nerdy to wear them but they were your favorites and they were stretchy and comfortable for you. Once done you head to the kitchen and warm up some leftovers you had.

While you waited for your food to warm up you looked outside. The storm outside had gotten stronger and more violent then when you came in. Your thoughts were stirred when the microwave beeped. You took you food and went over to your couch where you had tossed your satchel.

You placed your food down on the coffee table and you sat down your behind sinking into the seat comfortably. You grabbed your bag and opened it up to pull out your comics. You had gotten a few comics from the store you worked at. They were all super attractive superheroes in tights. You marked your place in the book and went to turn on some candles.

Once they were set up you continued to read your comic. You finished it not long afterwards and you decide to go to bed. You go to your room and lay in your comfy bed starting to relax. You were listening to the storm outside drifting to sleep by its sounds when you heard a loud sound coming from your living room. Curious and worried, you went to check out the sound. When you entered though your surprised to see a big blue circle in the middle of the room. Now you were scared. You slowly stepped toward the circle and started to examine it. It was just a circle in the front but on the side there was nothing, like a portal or something like that.

You start to back away when you felt yourself being lifted into the air. You yelped as you were being dragged into the circle. Once inside the circle closed and you could no longer see your living room and then you started to panic. Where would this take you? What was happening? Were you going to die? Your answer came quickly as you were dumped onto a cold hard floor. You groaned and sat up slowly. You then looked up and noticed you were outside in an alleyway. You were still filled with panic but you got up and started to walk towards the opening of the alley.

Once there you realized you were in a huge city. Where the hell were you? While you were thinking and starring at the city before you you failed to hear the sound of several footsteps behind you. More specifically six sets of footsteps behind you. The six people behind you and then at each other. One of them stepped forward and tapped your shoulder. You gasped and turned around quickly to see the six people. You instantly noticed that these people were dressed like the justice league and the one that touched you was dressed like the Flash.

You then looked at them with a raised brow and backed up. You blushed realizing that you were in your pajamas and pushed yourself further into the wall. Then you realized what he said.

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You all are good cosplayers though. Like comic book superheroes exist. Ha, I think you all are just a bit to early for Halloween if you ask me. What do you mean. These people really take their costumes seriously.

Wonder woman weight gain story

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